GANDT Ventures offers Venture Building and Consulting services with an experienced international team of digital experts. These come from a variety of entrepreneurial backgrounds in: Online Dating, Home & Living, Fashion, and Fund Management. 

We do so by working alongside our partners and clients on a daily basis. This enables us to guide/coach c-level management efficiently and effectively. Our approach helps prioritise your agenda, challenge the agencies that you work with and focus on the bigger (cross divisional & omni channel) picture.

We challenge, guide and execute

We are not a classical “problem-solving” management consulting that will create a nice, fancy presentation. By showing you how we would tackle the issues at hand we guide you to make the right decisions.

The GANDT Ventures team has a broad entrepreneurial understanding of digital business and ecommerce. This is complemented by a core expertise in digital marketing and IT.

What really sets us apart is that we focus on value creation along the entire value chain of your venture; hands-on.

Our approach is highly performance,- and data-driven and focussed on affordables.  By working on any project as if it were our own venture, we force ourselves to take more rational decisions. This helps us align the mid- and longterm business goals with the venture/project. This might be somewhat unconventional, but we believe that a more entrepreneurial approach is something that is lacking in many corporations.

Sometimes, teams lack the resources or knowledge-base to handle parts of the digital value-chain. The GANDT Ventures team takes care of these issues for you, professionally and discretely. This way your team can continue to focus on that what they do best. By using our network of industry experts and our digital expertise, we can take a good number of short-cuts and perform customer centric deep dives that will help your business efficiently and effectively reach its goals.

Swiss-based international team

We are based right in the heart of beautiful Zurich (Switzerland). From here we are able to offer our services to both Swiss and International companies. Our customers are: business owners, family offices, entrepreneurs and SMBs alike.

Click here: Get to know the GANDT Ventures Team

The GANDT Ventures team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs and online marketeers in Zürich (Switzerland). Next to that we have a strong team of graphic,- and video designers as well as front,- and backend support from our in-house creative/IT-agency Eichmeister in Munich (Germany).

Having our own design and IT-team enables us to develop marketing campaigns, video-content as well as MVP-products quickly and par excellence.

If you would like to find out more about the projects/ventures we have worked for and with – or would like to receive some of our work samples – please do not hesitate to reach out to us by using the contact form.

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