GANDT Ventures offers Consulting,- and Venture Buillding Services with an experienced international team of digital experts. These come from a variety of entrepreneurial backgrounds in: Online Dating, Home & Living, Fashion, and Fund Management. 

Our mission is to provide traditional companies, business owners and entrepreneurs, with the technical tools and support to continuously develop and reinvent themselves.

We do this by:

  • Introducing a company-wide data-driven approach to all decision making
  • Providing pragmatic strategic consulting to senior management (sanity,-/feasibility checks, sounding board)
  • Developing digital products: websites, landing pages, or even apps
  • Deploying our expert venture building team of digital entrepreneurs to either: fill organizational gaps or build up stand alone ventures or ideas (allowing the internal company resources to continue their regular duties)

We believe that a systematic company development is driven by extensive testing, pivoting and constant reinvention. This applies to both the company’s organizational structures, the brand, its line of products and the way of working needed to secure longterm success.

As a team we are intrinsically motivated to:

  1. Take away the fear of failure for companies, investors and entrepreneurs
  2. Help our partners take sound data-driven decisions
  3. Coach, guide and educate our customers and employees to reach their full potential
  4. Always aim to focus on long term profitability, go beyond short term hype cycles

How we work

Consulting projects generally consists of a number of stages. These stages do not necessarily need to follow a strict order and it is possible to book our services separately based on your companies requirements.

We traditionally start with by offering expert advice on how to solve one of the following problems within organizations:

  1. Stagnating growth or recline in the traditional sales channels
  2. Challenges with the digitalization of internal process, sourcing or marketing
  3. Problems due to scaling inefficiencies that might be tackled by digital transformation
  4. The introduction of a new technology
  5. How to deal with new disruptive technologies or market entries

Our in-house consulting team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs, performance marketeers (ex-Google employees), IT-specialists and experienced investors (venture capitalist). All of whom with extensive experience with digital transformation and/or founding experience.

We understand that it is not enough to simply say what needs to be changed. It regularly happens that organizations lack the resources, technical skills and or manpower to tackle the challenges at hand.

Therefore we offer expert specialist support of our in-house:

  1. Project management
  2. Business development
  3. Digital (performance) Marketeers
  4. IT and design resources

We firmly believe that a knowledge sharing culture is essential to long term success. Therefore, we do not work with freelancers and train all of our employees in-house before they are deployed on any project.

Operational support can generally be booked from short term,- (2-3 months) as well as long term projects (12-24 months). Operational support can also be booked for expert team coaching and guidance.

Regardless of the scope of a consulting project we view each part of a business as a stand-alone venture, with its own challenges and opportunities.

Strategy consulting for us involves showing our partners and the companies the vast possibilities that are at their disposal. To name but a few these strategies could entail:

  1. The introduction of new technologies within the current organization
  2. New market opportunities through product diversification
  3. A broadened customer focus (development from B2B incl. B2C)
  4. Internationalization strategy
  5. Sales-funnel digitalization (offering efficiency gains as well as scaling opportunities)

We do an in-depth risk assessment of the possibilities and calculate the necessary resources that are required for the implementation.

Venture building is the operational execution of a desired and required strategy. We do not merely guide our customers in the right direction, but there are a number of occassions when it can be helpful to scale a venture from outside of the organization.

We use a technique called Venture-Scaling. Venture scaling separates the operational execution of a project from the core business until it is large (good / tested) enough to bring it back into the organization. We use an expert team consisting of one of our partners, senior specialists our in-house IT and Design Resources and supporting venture builders to get a project up to speed fast and efficiently.

This service is especially useful when:

  1. Speed of execution is of the essence
  2. The organization does not have the knowledge base in-house
  3. A proof of concept is needed before taking a long-term decision that involves a wider part of an organization
  4. Resource scarcity is a challenge

We work any project as if it were our own venture, and we challenge ourselves to align the mid- and longterm business goals with the venture/project. We believe that any business can benefit from our entrepreneurial approach.

We are not a classical “problem-solving” management or strategy consulting. It is not our core skill to create fancy management presentation. We aim to show you how we would tackle the issues at hand. Next to that we create a solid data-driven basis for long term decision making for each of the projects that we work on.

Contact us using the contact form below if you have any further questions regarding our approach or if you have an exciting digital dilemma that you need to solve.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Remco Livain on behalf of the GANDT Ventures Team

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