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Author: Jacek Kozera

Management coaching: Learn from Google

Google as a data driven company has spent years studying and observing the attributes of effective management and has been sharing these information internally in trainings. During my time at Google I have always been very grateful for having the access to these information and found it always a pity that these insights were only available for Google managers.

What makes a great manager?

Time has changed and Google has presented recently a platform called re:Work where they share their insights on people development, organisational research results and handy guides and tools on many other team development topics.

Here’s is an example of what you can find on re:Work:

Giving and receiving feedback as a manager can sometimes be hard. Find here a guide which gives you a framework for effective feedback. Guide: Give feedback to managers Continue Reading

How to: Cohort Analysis in Tableau


Cohort Analysis are used to study the behaviour within your customer group and gives you the ability to understand your customer preferences, causes and even actions on changes to your product or strategy.

We love Tableau!

Are you running an ecommerce business, offering services through digital channels where you interact regularly with your clients? You definitely need to have a look at your cohorts!

It shows you exactly which marketing activities led to wich amount of commercial success and breaks down your clients buying activities into a meaningful fraction and shows you exactly the amount of days/ weeks your client took to repurchase or reorder.


An example of Churn Rates with newly acquired customers within a period:

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Questions data will answer you

Your Business, regardless of the size and focus (B2C eCommerce vs. B2B Corporate) will definitely benefit from a thought out data strategy. In today’s technology driven business world quantitive and qualitative information is key to success and enables the decision process thorough repetitive and reliable input.

Here is an example of questions data can answer you:

Sales/ Marketing/ Analytics

– Which sales channels are best for our customer groups?
– How successful was a marketing campaign?
– Which customer segment shall I focus on?
– What are the purchasing activities of our cohorts?
– How successful was the sell-out of certain brands/ products?
– What is my competitor doing in terms of marketing activities?
– …

Product Management

– In which products shall we invest?
– What is the optimal pricing for our product?
– Which impact does conversion improvement bring to my business?
– What is the customer journey and how can I improve it?
– …


– Which products shall we source for the upcoming season?
– Which sizes are the best selling one?
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