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How to fix UTF-8 issues in csv-files

This is one simple life hack for anyone who works with .csv files and excel. It can be tricky to fix encoding issues, especially with german characters (ö, ä ü). This quick tutorial shows you exactly how you can resolve this problem. The solution is a simple, but effective work around.

We first encountered this problem when exporting a product feed from one of our customers magento backend. Although the file did not seem to be corrupt and it worked in Notepad++, it did not seem to work well in Excel. The encoding issue made it impossible for us to use the product feed (see below).

How to fix UTF-8 issues in csv-files

Background information: What is a product feed? 

A Product feed is essentially a list of products in your shop. This list usually comes in the form of a .csv-file or .xml-file. Either one of the two can be used for up,-  and downloading product information in bulk. Many affiliate marketing publishers work with product feeds (such as Google Shopping, Amazon, or Awin).  

If you have any further questions about this life hack, or need some help with your own data-issues: feel free to reach out to us by using the contact form.

How do you know you are in control of your data?

Want to find out whether you are really in control of your own data? In this short YouTube-Video we dive into the topic of data ownership.

As a decisionmaker, Data Quality is probably the one topic that is holding you back most on a day to day basis. If you want to be able to judge whether data is truly clean, you need to know where it came from. In our opinion you need to understand how data is collected to determine the quality of your data.

Therefore the first simple question we generally ask when we get started on a project is: Who do we need to go to for the insights that we need to be able to help you?  In this short video we dive into the answers we get and some straightforward implications of poor data ownership.

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Management coaching: Learn from Google

Google as a data driven company has spent years studying and observing the attributes of effective management and has been sharing these information internally in trainings. During my time at Google I have always been very grateful for having the access to these information and found it always a pity that these insights were only available for Google managers.

What makes a great manager?

Time has changed and Google has presented recently a platform called re:Work where they share their insights on people development, organisational research results and handy guides and tools on many other team development topics.

Here’s is an example of what you can find on re:Work:

Giving and receiving feedback as a manager can sometimes be hard. Find here a guide which gives you a framework for effective feedback. Guide: Give feedback to managers Continue Reading