In 2015, Remco Livain (NED) and Tobias Hollweg (GER) laid the foundation for the Zürich team that we have today. In 2016 Jacek Kozera (GER) complemented the management team (see quick bio’s below).

Next to the management team, we employ a  supporting team of industry experts, performance marketeers, and dynamic entrepreneurs in residence (who we refer to as our venture builders).

The unique combination of strategic digital consulting and dedicated creative & IT-resources, enables us to execute our developed strategies hands-on.

The team in Zürich is supported by dedicated design and IT-resources from our Eichmeister team in Munich (GER).

We have decided to separate our technical support & creative department from the consultancy business. This way both teams can continue to focus on our that what they do best and work as efficiently as possible.

Education & Core Team Development

Our goal is to continue to develop and educate the GANDT Ventures core sustainably. Instead of working with a large network of freelancers, we have chosen to develop our own trainee program. We firmly believe that empowerment and sharing information openly is the key to long term success.

Consistency and long term sustainable partnerships are more important to us than simply „doing“ as many projects as possible with our network of freelancers. Therefore we aim to show digital driven professionals (our venture builders) the ropes. Sharing knowledge is the biggest asset there is if it is done right.

If you would like to find out more about our trainee program, just reach out to us.

Next to our trainee program we are looking for talented digital professionals for our team in Zürich and Munich. When you think this could be a good fit, we hope that you will not hesitate to contact us either.

Our GANDT Ventures Approach

The reason you will have read the word <TEAM> so often on this page is that we do not work as a classical consulting company. We truly work together on our projects to ensure senior support at all times and the best possible outcome for our projects.

Our goal is to guide and challenge c-level management and guide businesses in the right direction when it comes to digital topics. These topics can reach from: creating a profitable sales platform  – to – how to streamline your B2B-Sales Funnel using digital tools.

Therefore our skillset is not only focussed on one area of digital business. Some of our team members have stronger skills when it comes to IT & project management, whereas others bring the performance marketing knowledge to the table that can challenge any c-level performance marketeer.

But most importantly we all have one thing in common, we act and work as entrepreneurs. This means that we try to take any decision we make responsibly and within the best mid-long term interest of the customer.

If you are looking for „one-sided“ specialists for your project, we are probably not the best partner for you.

If you are looking to expand your horizons, want to learn how to build up a profitable business together with an experienced team of entrepreneurs – then you should definitely contact us.

Meet our management team: 

Management Team GANDT Ventures

Remco Livain CEO GANDT Ventures team

Remco Livain (CEO)

GANDT Ventures (2015) and MIFLORA (2012)
Part of Management Teams: Unleash12 (2015) and Rocket Internet’s Westwing Home & Living (2011), C-Date (2007)
Venture Coach: Blockchain Accelerator Nexussquared (2016)
Languages: NED, GER, ENG, ESP

Tobias Hollweg

GANDT Ventures (2015)
Professional experience: Unleash12 (2015), Rocket Internet’s Westwing Home & Living (2012)

Venture Coach: W1 Forward InsurTech Accelerator (2017)
Languages: GER, ENG

 jacek kozera gandt ventures team

Jacek Kozera

GANDT Ventures (2016),
Professional Experience: Commerzbank (2013), b-to-v Partners (2012) and Google (2010)
Investment/ Board Activities: Massivkonzept (2013), Blacklane (2012), DuMont Venture (2010), Plug it Ltd. (2007)
Languages: GER, PL, ENG, FRA