With our team of Venture Builders, Digital Experts, Consultants and Entrepreneurs we aim to support businesses across as many industries as we can. We do so by offering daily strategic and operational advice and guidance to answer the questions and challenges that our partners face. 

In essence: our services range from pure digital consulting to hands-on strategy execution. We do our best to support senior management and c-level employees with their digital day-to-day strategic decisions as business coaches, consultants and sparings partners.

This might make it somewhat difficult to place our team and services into one single category or bucket. Thus, we would like to explain:

  1. How we approach digital consulting
  2. Who we work with
  3. And how you can benefit from our venture building approach

Before we tell you more about who we work with, it is important that you get a good feeling of how we approach digital consulting. At the bottom of the page you will find a short list of our services.

Our consulting service approach

The GANDT Ventures approach is a more pragmatic way of consulting and creating value together

We think that the best way (that reaps the highest benefits for our customers) is to openly converse about the topics that occupy the teams resources. We see that it is usually relatively “easy” to figure out what could be done better. But we find that it is not enough to simply point out the obvious issues at hand in an operation.

We believe that it is essential to actively engage in the issues at hand and share our thoughts and knowledge openly with the teams. This means that we take our consulting services a number of steps further than simply creating a number of fancy top-down presentations.

We are not your classical know-it-all consulting firm, but team players who actively look for the conversation with your team. We aim to channel and consolidate the expertise and input that is at hand into a solid foundation to take our strategic decisions.

Not just fancy presentations

“Having a game plan is one thing, but when it comes down to it – it is all about excellent execution” – Oliver Samwer

We think most managers will agree, the biggest challenge for businesses, when it comes to digital projects is not necessarily a financial limitation, but the fact that expert resources are hard to come by.

This digital day and age, asks for a wide variety of skills that were not taught in schools and universities until just recently. Hence, performance marketeers, data scientists and IT-resources are lacking in many organizations.

Therefore, we do not only provide management teams with the necessary information that they need, but we support them in their daily tasks and operations. With our services we work alongside the key employees, who we help, coach, and support with the challenges that they face. We firmly believe in that what we put on paper and are not afraid to live by it.

We do not only coach the teams, but we fill the knowledge and executional gaps that might be there. In the process, we develop focus topics together with the channel responsibles and guide the teams that we work with to ideally take data-driven decisions.

… If this type of consulting is something that you would be open to, continue reading to find out more about how we operate and how we might be able to help you out…

Who do we work with?

Our services can be applied in a wide variety of settings, company sizes and industries

Our team of digital consultants and venture builders, supports SMBs, later stage startups and corporates alike with their digital challenges. The companies we work with most are multi-channel ecommerce & retail businesses, renown international fashion retailers and distributors, publishing houses and other transaction,- or subscription based businesses.

To make our service offer as tangible as possible, here are a few examples of projects and topics that we are currently working on with our clients, sorted by company size (type).

For our SMB partners, small and medium sized business <100 million in yearly revenue, we mainly take care of digital business development. For this customer segment we support the teams with digitalization projects that are being worked on, streamline operations and perform deep dives along the entire value chain.

In our experience, SMBs tend to focus their attention on short term profitability a lot and it can be difficult to take the next strategic step. The questions that we try to answer usually relate to profitability (where are saving potentials along the value chain – in sales, marketing, operational services or logistics), or digital scalability issues.

Marketgrowth and customer retention (/development) are amongst the key aspects of this clientgroup. Especially in retail businesses such as (high) Fashion: customer management, marketing spend optimization as well as strategic sourcing are the topics we focus our attention on most specifically.

In addition to that, we look at how we can use the current product offering to develop new sources of income for our SMBs.

To name but one example: We support traditional B2B-focussed fashion distributors (in Düsseldorf and Munich), by developing new B2C-based sales channels to broaden their horizon, spread inventory risk and create a new platform for new brands to promote their products.

For our (more) corporate clients the topics at hand a little different, but there is probably a larger amount of overlap between SMBs and corporates as you might think. The things that we tackle together, are usually related to venture scaling. The concept of venture scaling is that, you separate one part from the core business, to develop new way of <distribution> <sales> <sourcing> <customer-segments> you name it.

What we do essentially is that we create a small startup with a larger company to test a certain hypothesis. These hypotheses are usually pre- go to market tests, prototypes of new and innovative distribution/sales ideas and so on. Venture scaling can both be digital as well as native, but generally there is a digital component involved (website-, app development and/or prototyping).

Digital Prototyping is a something we love to do. We develop our gameplan together with our corporate partner, look at what it takes to collect the first data to confirm our plans and build the first product version. We use our startup expertise and way of working to keep the production cycles short (100-180 days) and create tangible results that can be used for further planning in the future.

When it comes to digital, we are often times asked to challenge an existing business case – or to set up a feasibility study for our corporate clients. We use our own experience as well as our network of industry experts to challenge business cases at hand and look at how feasible it is that the plan will work. By doing so, we support our customers with the insights they need to create solid cost forecasts and plan their resources as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our venture capital services are focussed around venture support for the existing portfolio companies and commercial due diligence.

Venture capitals and business angels generally invest in a wide array of companies. The challenge is not only to find the right company to invest in, but also to manage them accordingly. Although most venture capitalists have a team of account managers who support the ventures with either money, resources, or strategic advice, we know from our own investment experience that the management teams of the companies that were invested in could use some support from time to time.

This is where we step in and help out when necessary. For our VC-Partners, we go into the companies to help out with strategic topics such as performance marketing, sales, business development and or product management. This approach keeps the overhead of the companies low, makes sure that the invested money is well spend and we have the possibility to deploy dedicated resources to tackle specific issues/growth challenges and problems.

When it comes to new ventures that a VC would like to invest in, we perform ad hoc short term digital due diligences. These insights generally help, support and promote the VCs decisions to take their talks and or investment-interest one step further. We aim to quantify the investment as much as we can, but also apply our entrepreneurial common-sense and throw our own experience into the mix.

For smaller companies (startups and business owners alike) we focus our attention on strategic support, we develop mid- to longterm digital strategies and fill the resource gaps when necessary.

What we do first and foremost is to work together with startups and business owners of smaller companies, to quantify their digital efforts. Many business owners and founders tell us that they “know” that digital businesses are the future, but they do not know how to go about planning and tackling this topic professionally.

We see that we create the highest amount of value when we coach senior management, and we help them develop a common view and set realistic goals for their teams. Especially when the teams are small (5-20 people), it is important to focus your attention on those areas in which you can contribute most and reach the highest results.

These results can vary a lot, some startups want to raise their next round of funding, others would like to scale their business to become the number one in their field of business, whereas we also see that some business owners rather focus on the longterm goal of profitability. Hence, we need to be flexible enough to support our clients with their issues and questions along the way.

Sometimes this means that we develop business cases, we provide startups with high quality investor pitch decks, and/or we help the teams set up their first performance marketing tests to test the market. The variety of topics is immense.

Thus, our role in working with smaller businesses is not only to be a sparings partner, but also to set the boundaries of what can be done and what cannot. It is essential to prioritize the topics that need to be done systematically and we support our partners with our knowledge and network whenever we can.

Our Venture Building Approach

We are entrepreneurs at heart and our mindset is to always think customer-centric and digital first

It is our firm belief that you should not do something that you do not think is good in the long-term perspective of your company. Therefore we try to approach each project as if it were a stand alone venture. As we are all hands-on entrepreneurs at GANDT Ventures, we aim to understand the full picture and support our businesses with services that will help them consolidate or reach long-term profitability.

This means that we take a wholistic approach to problem solving. Problems usually arise when the sum of all things do not work together as they should. In a growing age of digital transformation, it is becoming ever more apparent that digital and online business is not something that can be considered a stand-alone operation. There are large dependencies between business units and departments that can positively- or negatively affect your business performance.

Data-driven consulting prevents fire fighting

We have come to believe that solving problems such as: lower number of returning customers, marketing efficiency, or market size scalability issues; are hardly ever stand-alone problems in themselves. By quantifying the issues at hand there are fewer surprises for the management teams and business owners.

By providing the teams with the data they need to take the right decisions, friction and ad hoc decision making become a thing of the past.

In our approach, personal interviews and opinions on what a problem is all about provide us with a good starting point for our analysis. What we try to do is quantify the opinions of the team members and make their concerns as tangible as possible. We believe that setting common goals and creating KPI transparency across departments really brings teams together.

Therefore, we show the teams that we work with, what best practise data visualisation looks like, build dashboards that can be used on a daily basis and create transparency as well as common grounds regarding company-wide KPIs.

This way of working is in itself nothing special, new or innovative. However, we work with top of the class data visualization tools, such as Tableau, to bring the data closer to our partners and explain the challenges that they face. We use the data that is available to us to create a common ground to work from – and set realistic targets. This is something that is part of our company DNA and we believe to do very well.

The solution(s) that we offer

We try to approach each project as if it were a stand alone venture

We hope that you now have a better understand of the way that we approach digital consulting and our services. The core of GANDT ventures was built up around marketing and communication services. Performance marketing and data driven decision making our in our companies DNA. And this will remain at the core of the way that we approach our projects.

We offer a number of digital consulting services, such as:

  1. Business Case Feasibility Checks
  2. Due Diligence Support
  3. Strategic Digital Workshops
  4. Performance Marketing Checks
  5. Channel Deep-Dives:
    1. Google Adwords,
    2. Facebook,
    3. Instagram,
    4. Affiliate Marketing,
    5. Native Advertizing,
    6. Marketplaces (Amazon), and
    7. Customer Relationship Management
  6. Lean Product Management
  7. Systematic A-B Testing Setup
  8. Customer-Centric Sourcing Support (Buying Optimization)
  9. Product Prototyping
  10. Market-Entry Proof-of-Concept Development and Execution

… we are all hands-on entrepreneurs at GANDT Ventures, and we aim to understand the full picture and support our businesses with services that will help them consolidate or reach long-term profitability. This means that we will continue to challenge business challenges from an entrepreneurial perspective.

We think that our services are hard to look at on a stand-alone basis. Many of them are in some way intertwined and will need the support across multiple departments and business units within your organization. Yet, with our approach we try to bridge the gap between old-fashioned problem-based consulting and pragmatic solution-development (with a digital twist).

Call us, write us, contact us…

Whether you are an omni-channel retailer, or an old-fashioned publishing house that is struggling with the digitalization challenges of the future, we use our start up and venture building methodologies to generate impact. We believe that using our startup mentality and methodology, we can be of assistance in companies both large and small – ranging from later stage startups to full-blown corporates.

If you have managed to get to the bottom of this page, you might just as well reach out to us. We are looking forward to hearing from you and hope to speak to you soon.

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