about our team

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about our team

Collective of amazing professionals

We started out as a small team of entrepreneurial online marketing professionals; at heart, we are still just that.

Over the years, our team has grown to form a collective of digital professionals. A family of consultants and online experts, who love to work with innovators, all over the world.

We take pride in our personal and sincere consulting approach. Approachability and (knowledge-) sharing are key aspects of what makes our team special; this holds true for our client relations as well as our internal communication.

Each and every team member, brings his own specialism and personality to the table; we intend to use our global knowledge base and experience(s) whenever we can. But, it is not just about the team members. The way we work (“working out loud”) is a crucial aspect of how we provide our services.

We are founders, entrepreneurs, innovators and most of all open- and communicative personalities, with the digital skills to match.

Know-how and know, how

Our traits and values


Innovation starts with the urge for change and doing things differently. We have become digital experts by trying things out, learning every day and not being afraid to make mistakes.


A knowledgeable team is important, but so is a diverse group of mindsets. We own up to our personalities, know that each and every individual brings a personal contribution to the collective.


We work in a flat hierarchy. Regardless of the reporting line, we are there for each other. This holds true for our client relations as well. Have a question? Contact any one of our team members. It’s that simple.


As a team, we have seen a thing or two. Some projects and plans simply do not work. Key is, we will not bounce back to give you our honest opinion. Hence, sincerity has become on of our core values.

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