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Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we too donate our time with what we do best – our digital knowledge.

We help you to maintain customer communication even during the crisis and together we look for new digital sales approaches that have a short but also long-term impact on your business.

Remco Livain, CEO GANDT Ventures GmbH

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Digital marketing, online customer acquisition and sales strategy? Ask me anything...!

The COVID-19 pandemic affects us all. It is hard to imagine how the world around us has changed within a few weeks. Therefore, our team of marketing experts and digital consultants frees up time. We will help as much as we can. Free of charge.

Our consultants and marketing experts in Zurich and Munich work around the clock to support our customers as best as possible. The challenges are great, but there are also numerous solutions that can help to reach customers online.

Now, it is especially important to focus on suitable market assortment strategies and to consider the available resources. From our experience it is important to communicate rather more than less. But how do you reach your customers when the shops are closed?

We free up time to help

Each consultant takes > 2 hours off per day to support retailers, local shops, restaurants, and entrepreneurs in digital marketing and online sales.

  • How do I best reach my regular customers during the existing exit restrictions?
  • Can I run an online shop with little financial means?
  • Which marketing channels are suitable to reach my customer target groups?
  • Do Google, Facebook (Instagram) and Co. offer help that I can use?
  • How do I best continue to communicate with my existing customers?

We are sure that a personal conversation with one of our experts can help you to find the right way. Although we cannot come by in person, an 1-on-1 conversation via video conference still allows us to work together on possible solutions.

Use our booking tool to set up a free appointment. Just check the free slots and book directly.

Together we are strong. We look forward to getting to know you personally.

Best Wishes
Remco (CEO GANDT Ventures)

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