An Inside Look At Our GANDT Team Event 2021


At GANDT, we value a diverse set of people and thoughts and understand that our unique mix of experts allows us to arrive at the best and most innovative solutions. So when we all have a chance to gather together in the same place—we go in knowing that great things are bound to happen!

After a long absence of in-person team events, we were thrilled to be able to host a face-to-face all-hands day in Zurich last Thursday. With the whole crew together again, we were able to collectively assess the state of our company, reflect on the principles of stable growth, and introduce some of the new additions to our team. We also had a chance to view our new office space (which will be opening in November) and get excited about what we’ll be able to do with more space in a central location.

digital marketing team event

Senior Product and UX Manager Mike Staal and Senior Project Manager Tobias Lorentzen discussing business solutions. 


Why team events matter

As a company, we have always felt that team building is a necessary ingredient to create a dynamic where everyone cohesively works together towards a common goal. For us, the purpose of company events is both to get results and to have the chance to create a strong team by forming bonds and connections. In addition to enhancing the overall quality of our projects and organization, the benefits of our team events appear in the form of increased communication, planning skills, motivation, and collaboration.


The power of the in-person experience

If we have learned anything over the last year and a half, it is that we are great at working together and working out loud in a digital sphere. That being said, nothing compares to an in-person experience. On Thursday, we had several workshop sessions where we split into different groups and really brought the idea of working out loud to life.

Despite being in touch regularly online, in-person events provide the opportunity for more spontaneity; you end up speaking to people you might not be working with on a daily basis, and new ideas, or even new projects, emerge from those conversations.


Feeling the energy in the room

In-person team events are essential for any company—especially for one like ours—where we focus on clients and work in the service industry. Human connections are key. The GANDT team consists of an exceptional mix of experts from different backgrounds and specializations in the digital sphere, so it is lots of fun when we all come together.

In addition to work, our events include fun activities that help people see each other differently and connect in a unique setting. This time, we kicked the day off with a short workshop during which everyone was required to complement each individual in the team (even if you don’t work with them or might just have met them for the first time). There was so much energy in the room, and it was a wonderful ice breaker as well!

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