Advantages of Digital Marketing and PR Collaboration


Our approach at GANDT has always been informed by a preference for collaboration and open channels of communication. As our principle of Working Out Loud emphasizes, we’ve found that treating marketing departments as separate entities limits communication and ultimately reduces operational efficiency and impact.

On the other hand, an integrated approach to marketing communications ensures that all channels are aligned and following the same strategy, overarching business objectives, and company values—therefore providing the best service possible.

Part of this integrated marketing strategy involves collaboration between digital marketing and public relations experts. Despite coming from distinct perspectives, these two areas of expertise offer a range of complementary skills that can contribute to a truly integrated strategy. To further elucidate this cooperation’s benefits, our communications expert Natascha Rupp shares her insight on the topic.


Complementary skills are a recipe for success

Your mix of experience in the PR and communications field provides you with a unique vantage point as to how this collaboration plays out. Based on your observations, what complementary skills are offered from each side of a digital marketing/ traditional media relations collaboration?

Digital marketeers and media relations experts both have the same goal: To communicate to and with stakeholders. Often we find that digital marketeers are a lot more versed in brainstorming and the technical side of things. In contrast, media relations experts are better at storytelling, writing, and communicating with journalists and other stakeholders. The mix of these skills is an authentic recipe for successful marketing communications.


The ability to offer timely content

In addition to the fundamental skills each party provides, how does a collaboration of this sort empower firms to offer more reactive content?

Quite obviously, media relations experts know the media. They are up to date with the news and constantly find new story angles that are topical and require reactive content. Digital marketeers are quick and able to turn around a campaign on the same day—so the collaboration between the two can often make for very meaningful and timely content creation.


Deliver a customer-centric approach from both ends

Plus each side has different strengths when it comes to presenting customers with a full picture of a business or company. How does this type of collaboration facilitate a more customer-centric approach?

When media relations go well, customers will read original articles about your brand or company. Suppose the digital marketing and the media relations team collaborate and ensure the company messaging is aligned across all marketing channels. In that case, the customer will truly understand what your brand stands for.

If a newspaper article talks about a specific product you offer, chances are the reader and potential customer will either Google you or try to find your Instagram account. Ensuring that all parties streamline communications activities at the same time allows the customer to feel more confident when purchasing your product or service.

On the other hand, if you promote a specific product or service via social media channels, the customer might do a quick Google search to find out more about your company. Authentic articles written by journalists, or interviews featuring your company’s employees, will automatically enhance your credibility—making it easier for the customer to trust your product or service.


Collaboration is key to success going forward

So open lines of communication are really the foundation of success. To wrap up, what do you think these kinds of collaborations tell us about the future of marketing?

It has always been essential to communicate. Whether that’s internally in your company or externally with other stakeholders. Having digital marketing and media relations come together as part of marketing and PR is essential to ensure consistency in communication planning.

With more and more communication channels popping up, collaboration between different departments will continue to be critical when it comes to setting your company apart from the rest. Collaboration is one of our core values here at GANDT, and it’s the only way to truly grow your business.

A big thank you to Natascha for sharing her in-depth understanding of this increasingly relevant topic. You can learn more about GANDT’s approach to cross-department collaboration and company culture here. Likewise, to stay up to date on current social media trends and growth marketing hacks, follow us on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter for the latest digital marketing news.

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