6 Top Benefits of WordPress for Business

Post by Megan Flottorp

Regardless of the size, structure, or nature of your business, the chances are that you need a website. Serving as the first point of contact for most potential clients or customers, having a visually appealing, user friendly, and functional webpage is crucial for business success.

Thankfully, the tools you need to help you build one of your own have come a very long way over the last decade. Far from needing complicated coding skills, you just have to know what information you’d like to share with visitors.

At GANDT, WordPress is our website platform of choice. Easy to use and super reliable, WordPress powers over a quarter of the world’s websites and is the site builder of choice for a number of leading enterprises.

Initially created as an easy to use platform for bloggers, WordPress has cultivated a top reputation among users and has become the most popular content management system globally. It has various features and functions that make it ideal for building business websites of all kinds. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of using WordPress to power your business.


It is well established and open source

Designed in 2003, WordPress was created to make online publishing available to everyone—website designers and non-designers alike. The core structure of the website is a set of free and open-source code files.

This means that although experienced designers can work with its source code to customize a WordPress site, those with little to no technical experience can still work with its other two core elements, themes, and plugins, to design fully functioning sites—all without needing a single line of code.


It’s a breeze to get up and running

Once you’ve decided to use WordPress, it doesn’t take long to set it up and begin adding content. Since WordPress was initially designed for bloggers and publishers who weren’t likely to have much coding experience, it can be installed in “one-click” and quickly customized in basic ways to get a site up and running fast. All you need is a couple of hours to get your business online.


It can be easily accessed by multiple users

The ability to collaborate seamlessly and efficiently—from anywhere in the world—is more critical than ever. WordPress makes this easy. Their websites can be managed by multiple users from any device.

Furthermore, thanks to being a “self-hosted” site, your WordPress site can be accessed from any computer or mobile device by anyone who has been granted the appropriate permissions.


WordPress offers responsive themes optimized for mobile

The majority of online searches and transactions are now on mobile devices. Therefore, for your business’s website to have the impact you’re looking for, your site needs to be mobile-friendly with easy viewing and access on any kind of screen with a fully responsive design.

A WordPress business website can be built with mobile-responsive themes that automatically adapt pages and posts for mobile devices.


You can make the most of SEO assistance features

Easy to crawl and index for all the major search engines, your WordPress site will automatically have you in good shape when it comes to technical SEO. Not to mention, there are a variety of plugins, such as Yoast SEO, that you can add to ensure every section of your WordPress site is optimized from the get-go.


WordPress has a built-in business blog

As you can see from GANDT’s active blog section, we feel that it is important to regularly share timely, relevant, and actionable information for our clients and the digital marketing sector in general.

Because WordPress was initially designed for blogging, the platform contains all the elements for creating and managing a blog that supports a company’s vision and showcases its offerings. In addition to our blog, you can also follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest digital marketing news.

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