“Make or Buy” Decision Support


Both external and internal factors drive business decisions. Too often tough, internal factors are not taken into consideration when it comes to make or buy decisions.

Many business models, and companies were built over the past decades. We firmly believe that the online world will become a crucial part of must businesses today. However, it is just as important to build up internal skills in order to devote your company to digitalization topics. A “make or buy” decision is therefore not only a financial decision, but also a cultural one.

We want to make sure that your company is exposed to new market opportunities. We evaluate whether digital trade will be the future of your industry, and whether you should build up digital core competencies internally in the company, or use pure players who are extremely knowledgeable about digital and online topics.

Together, We will…

  1. look at which internal and external factors drive business decisions.
  2. analyze your competition and advise on how to quantify market opportunities.
  3. take a look at your company’s internal digital skills.
  4. create business cases for “make” and “buy” decisions.
  5. evaluate the digital assets of possible company takeovers.

In addition, it is important to consider the integration risks of potential companies currently under consideration for being bought. Buying a startup or pure player may be quick and easy, but if you cannot integrate the – often young – company into your core business, the takeover may not reach the desired outcome.

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