Management coaching: Learn from Google


Google as a data driven company has spent years studying and observing the attributes of effective management and has been sharing these information internally in trainings. During my time at Google I have always been very grateful for having the access to these information and found it always a pity that these insights were only available for Google managers.


What makes a great manager?

Time has changed and Google has presented recently a platform called re:Work where they share their insights on people development, organisational research results and handy guides and tools on many other team development topics.


Here’s is an example of what you can find on re:Work:

Giving and receiving feedback as a manager can sometimes be hard. Find here a guide which gives you a framework for effective feedback. Guide: Give feedback to managers

People management does not always come by nature and there is so much to learn. Find here a solid framework for getting into professional people management.

Empower your team. Google has found out that effective managers empower their teams by giving them a opportunity to stretch and grow in four ways: Find here a guide how to be an advocate for your team and give them the space they need to develop.

This platform is constantly growing so be sure to check the content on a regular basis. It’s really worth a reading.

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