Marketing Channel Audits

Post by Remco Livain

Marketing channel audits are comprehensive review of the performance and success of your marketing channels.

Through the audit, you can analyze your marketing channel in depth and provide an honest assessment of the current performance.

We don’t look for mistakes, we look for opportunities.

A Google or Facebook Ad account is set up quickly. Yet how can you ensure long-term success when it comes to your marketing channels? Tools are constantly changing, best practices from 6 to 12 months ago can already be out of date today. That is why it makes sense to run regular checks on your accounts.


Our channel experts look at the following questions: 

  • Does tracking work as expected?
  • Is the campaign setup tailored to the short, medium, and long term goals?
  • Should the budget be adjusted or rescheduled? 
  • Are there any important and relevant customer target groups that are being left out? 
  • Do the advertisements comply with the legal requirements? 
  • Are there structural improvements to the account that allow you to better serve and reach customers?
  • How can a Google, Facebook or Amazon Ad account benefit other marketing channels? 
  • How could your account benefit from automation tools? 


It is important for our customers to understand what the organizational setup would look like in order to use the channel as efficiently as possible. We also look at the marketing organization independently to answer the following questions:


  • Are there enough employees with the right skills to implement the planned marketing channel activities? These can include technical operation, the control of the advertising accounts, or creative skills.
  • How does your in-house agency manage the advertising account? Is there a need to evaluate the contract or the Scope of Work (SoW)?
  • Is there a clear channel roadmap for the next quarter, half year, or full year?


Marketing due diligence can be used for individual channels, as well as for the entire performance marketing area. Together, we will create a clear roadmap with action points that are tailored to your marketing goals.

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