Online Strategy Development


Those who proceed with a clear plan are more successful in the long run.

An online sales strategy helps free up the right resources in the company and achieve measurable results. As we deal with the challenges in digital sales, some of the questions we will tackle together are:

  • When does it make sense to allocate additional funds for marketing?
  • Are investments in IT infrastructure and tools worthwhile?
  • What is the role of online sales in the overall business context and long-term business goals?

Together we will develop a sustainable online sales strategy that will allow your company to reach your customers independently and in a targeted manner.

We will first take a look at the basic requirements and the status quo. On the one hand, your company’s offering must be attractive and clearly presented. On the other hand, it is crucial that your website is found on the internet. By “being found” we are not only referring to how well the website shows up in the organic search on Google, but also what the chances are that your products and services will be found on social media.

In addition, we value structure and organization. Before we can discuss a short, medium, or long term strategy, it is necessary to understand how internal and external resources can help execute the plan. Experience has shown that there is a dissonance in many companies between the expectations of online marketing, the available resources, and the necessary know-how.

Define Goals for Online Sales Strategy

Experience shows that you will not get very far without goals.

As consultants and partners to our clients, we maintain open communication and ensure that we operate within your expectations at all times. We do not only want to dream about the future vision of the company together, but also have the opportunity to freely address challenges in regards to executing the strategy.

It is important for us to speak openly about common goals with the existing stakeholders in your company, including investors, C-level management, team leads, and executive employees.

Disagreement within the company about what role an online strategy will have in the future is completely legitimate and normal. This is precisely why it is worth trying out different strategies and approaches. Our goal is to find out how far customer acceptance for your company’s market will go.

Reach New Customer Groups

One thing is certain: Large companies can benefit from online sales. The online sales that use the internet as a medium for communicating with customers and for processing transactions, are beneficial for both large companies and retailers or traders with a niche.

Based on the strengths and weaknesses of your company, we will analyze which customer groups you have the best chances with.

If your company only wants to set up and maintain an online shop in order to reach a new, younger, target audience group, then you should reconsider. Almost all customer demographics can be reached through digital sales channels, which is why it is extremely important to have a differentiated strategy and approach.

Building an Online Brand is a Legitimate Goal

Online marketing plans, which are part of any sales strategy, will also consider branding. Pure online players, such as Zalando or Amazon, continue to invest almost exclusively in digital sales opportunities, having managed to forfeit offline marketing measures completely over the years.

The decisive factor in building an online brand, is defining what role online marketing and sales will have in the larger context of the company. If you have set yourself the goal of building a strong online brand, we will make sure that the sales strategy reflects that goal.

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