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Social Media for My Company

The social platforms are not only exciting for private users, but also for corporations and startups. Those without an account on social media are harder to find these days – especially for a younger target audience who use social media as their main communication platform, shopping inspiration, and entertainment.

They also use the social channels to find company contact details, opening times, or directions. Younger generations primarily live on social media and via apps. This technology influences buying behavior, and by using social media your company will gain positive exposure.

Social media is also becoming an increasingly influential player in online marketing. Here you can easily place targeted ads or communicate with your customers and respond to their questions in a quick and easy manner.

Users on apps and websites, such as Instagram and Facebook, tend to reveal a lot about themselves, as they share content with friends and acquaintances. Social media platforms make this information available to advertisers indirectly in the form of target group segmentation options. Users are grouped by age, gender, interests, and preferences. It is now only up to your company to offer the fitting products.

Through these insights, companies can improve their customer service and address their target groups through better understanding their detailed user profiles.

Before getting too active on social media, it is important for a company to have a clear strategy in place first. Ask yourself, what you have to consider when it comes to drawing your customers’ attention to: the brand, the products, events, etc. We would be more than happy to assist you in this endeavor.


What Do We Offer?

The first step is to analyze which social media channels are right for your company. As part of the analysis we:

  • Evaluate the current state of your company
  • Run a competitor analysis
  • Analyze your company’s potential and definition of goals
  • Create a strategy that allows success to be measured on the basis of quantified results
  • Generate even more attention for products or services with targeted advertising measures
  • As part of our service, we also look at the organizational setup and help to evaluate the agencies (if any), in order to discover and define the requirements for the organization
  • Show your employees how they can continue their long-term strategy independently

Not all channels are suitable for the same purposes. There are clear differences in how the respective social media are being used by customers. It is crucial to use the right tone of voice and style for the relevant social media channel to be considered authentic by your customers.

As an example: Some companies use Twitter as a customer service tool (e.g., Swiss), others see the channel as a push notification service to distribute news and product updates. On the other hand, Facebook or Instagram are often used for competitions, instructions, or interactions with your community (e.g., Ricola).


What is it?

  • In this context, the word “social” means networking, interacting, sharing and receiving information, and collaborative writing.
  • The word “media” is the communication tool. Communication mainly takes place on the Internet, more specifically on websites or apps. Users create content – this can be text, images or videos – and share it with others, creating an interactive exchange.

The most important social platforms in Switzerland and Germany include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest.

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