Startups should focus on core skills


Startups have the reputation of being fast, lean and mean. They are said to disrupt industries, challenge the status quo and industry giants in each and every possible industry. Some of the largest (tech) companies that we have know today started out as small startups in the last two decades (with the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon paving the way for anyone with a great idea).

The sky seems to be the limit for anyone with a great idea. Yet it is generally fairly easy to launch/start something, but to bring it off the ground entirely and successfully is a whole different ball-game. Not all of us used to work in consulting and “know” how to write a business plan, and/or structure a business let alone have the expertise to setup a digital business.

GANDT Ventures & Startups

GANDT Ventures works together with visionaries, people with great ideas, startups and venture capitalists to help realise these ideas. We help structure your business plans, build a lean and affordable proof of concept that can help you raise the capital that you need to bring your business to the next level and we support you in your marketing activities.

We are an (external or internal) sparringspartner and coach for incubators and startups. Next to the straight-forward conceptual planning and strategy definition, we help you build up and streamline the necessary processes needed to run your business successfully. This generally helps you avoid “common” mistakes and lets you focus on your own core competence.

Focus on your core skills

Founders should be founders and focus on that what they know best. Most founders are industry experts and know exactly what their product should be able to do. We clearly believe that founders should make sure that they do not get distracted by white noise, and focus on their product. Technical Product Development (skills) and Digital Marketing are our core competences.


Startups should focus on their core competence

GANDT Ventures helps fuel your innovation and digital product development and we are an e-commerce partner that will challenge your ideas and thoughts on a daily basis to make sure that you make the very most of your idea.

Our services

  • Founder Coaching
  • Operational Startup support
  • Strategic Startup Consulting
  • Creation of market analysis, business case development and project planning
  • Provide you with a digital platform from which you can develop your own ideas (CMS/Platform technology)
  • Internationalisation
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