GANDT Fireside Chat #018 | Google supports the hotel industry & the local trade gets a platform


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Google Supports: Google launched commission model to support the hotel industry

Corona has influenced many industries. One of the big losers are the hotels. In order to ensure an upswing, Google has now introduced the bidding portfolio “cost per stay”. Therefore hotels only have to pay if customers have actually stayed at the hotel. Google Supports is thus accommodating the industry and trying to prevent losses due to cancellations.

Technically, the tracking works via the Google location, which checks whether the customer has actually been at the hotel.


“Zukunft des Einkaufens” – local platforms

In the context of the Covid-19 circumstances, various initiatives were launched, for example the support of smaller retailers. These initiatives focus in particular on regional companies. The companies now have been given a platform via “Zukunft des Einkaufen“.

With “The Future of Shopping” it is possible to get information about regional brands and support them. The platform also offers articles and insights on current topics that are particularly interesting in relation to Corona.


Chrome implements tab groups

A pleasant update comes to the popular Chrome Browser. The update should improve the management of tabs in your browser.

By segmenting the tabs into different categories, the user experience will be improved. Accordingly, working with many tabs will be much easier.


Agenda | GANDT Fireside Chat Video #018

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