GANDT Fireside Chat #025 | Mister Spex – Strong through the Corona crisis and Google Image Extensions

Post by Kathrin Fuhrer

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Mister Spex – the Omni-Channel company and its success plan in the Covid-19 crisis

The lockdown also had consequences for the biggest online optician in Germany and Europe – Mister Spex. Due to its multi-channel sales concept, the company is one of the pioneers in the industry of online marketing for optical products.

Although opticians are considered systemically relevant – and thus did not have to close their shops during the Corona crisis – Mister Spex has nevertheless taken its stationary trade “offline”.
Glasses and contact lenses are also needed in times of corona. For a while, contact lenses were even the “toilet paper of ophthalmic optics”, says Mister Spex founder Dirk Graber.
But the protection of employees and customers was more important for the optician company.

The optician was able to cover the majority of customer needs via his online shop.
As a preventative measure, inventories were significantly increased at the beginning of February, so that there were no shortages in the procurement of goods at any time.

An important aspect was certainly also the early, comprehensive communication – both internal and external, says Graber.

In addition, the company worked together very quickly and efficiently from logistics to customer service, and above all in the central functions.

The employees worked from their home office and, within a few days, put features such as visual consultations via video or online vision tests live.
This gave customers every opportunity to contact the optician during the lockdown – via hotline or e-mail.

In addition, the website also provided information on the fact that individual appointments for customers in system-relevant professions are offered on a stationary basis, and that emergency contact persons are available at all times.

This example from Mister Spex proves once again why Omni-channel concepts are indispensable today.


Google Search – New image extensions in Google Ads

Google is currently rolling out a new feature – the image extensions. The tool is currently still in a closed beta phase and is therefore not yet available for all accounts.

Image extensions in addition to the classic search ads are a special eye-catcher and make the text more meaningful. Potential customers can be addressed better than by a text description without image extensions.

The image extensions can also be used dynamically. This means that the images for ads are not uploaded directly, instead Google pulls them independently from the specified landing page of the ad.

Dynamic Search Ads and other dynamic display extensions already work on this principle.

The Image Extension can also help to improve the click-through rate and thus the quality factor of the ad. Which in turn leads to a reduction in the CPC.

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