GANDT Fireside Chat #030 | Google Credits now in Germany and Instagram TV Ads


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Google Credits Ads Covid-19 help arrived in Germany

It was on 27 March 2020 that Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced their intention to provide COVID 19 support in the form of free AdCredits to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Now the help is finally here – the free ad credit has now been introduced in Germany, Australia, Italy, New Zealand and Taiwan. It is automatically offset against future expenses and added to your GoogleAds account.

As announced by Google a few weeks ago, no application is necessary – Google decides independently on the selection and amount of credits.

The amount of the credit depends on various factors:
On the one hand, the previous Google Ads expenditure plays a role, as does the country of the billing address and the currency of the Google Ads account. However, the maximum has been set – each eligible client will receive a credit balance of up to USD 1,000.

The advertising credit, which loses its validity at the end of 2020, is intended to help small and medium-sized companies stay in touch with their customers during the current corona crisis.
According to Google, there is a global team that is only concerned with advising and supporting SMEs. The advertising credits are intended for these companies.

You can find the credit on the “Coupon codes” page of your Google Ads account. To go there, click on the tool icon at the top of the page and then on coupon codes under “Billing”.


Instagram starts with IG TV video ads

There is a new advertising format for Instagram TV: IGTV video ads.
These appear, as we know it from VideoAds on YouTube, before the videos on Instragram TV. To what extent these will also be “skip-able” is not yet clear.

IGTV has become an important part of the platform for Instagram. This increases the engagement rate between users and profiles and also the time users spend on the platform. With IGTV Instagram tries to get a piece of the YouTube market share.

Until now, there have been fewer incentives for Instagram accounts to take the time to create an IGTV account. The effort to create high-quality long-form content is many times higher than putting together articles or short stories.

With the new ad format this should change, test phase of the project is in the USA – Instagram starts there with a small group of accounts and will slowly roll out the format worldwide.
Chris took a closer look at the new format in his blog article.

Listen into our Fireside Chat when we talk about the new ad format and the new opportunities for advertisers!


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