GANDT Fireside Chat #049 | Use Facebook Ad Library correctly


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Facebook Ad Library – Application Examples and Tips & Tricks

The Facebook Ad Library is a library of Facebook ads where you can search for ads that run through Facebook products – or have been in the past.

For us marketers, it is therefore an indispensable tool in a competitor analysis.
Knowing what the competition is doing is a crucial part of building and expanding a company. But in order to be really successful in business, you not only need to know who your competitors are – you also need to know what they are doing and why. Knowing how other companies in the industry reach customers, position products, and invest marketing budgets can be very valuable.

Thus, one can generate valuable insights about the activities of competitors on social media; in which countries, for example, they are active and also the approximate reach of the ads.

Furthermore, a general industry check can also draw attention to current trends and emerging companies. Are new design elements used in my competitors’ ads? Are there any special sales that companies in my industry use exclusively on social media?

In addition to checking the competition, the platform also offers opportunities for marketers to get inspired and detect ad trends early. For example, if a company tries out new formats in the USA that we don’t have yet, you can be the first one using these in Europe.

In our Fireside Chat #049 we will guide you live through the Facebook Ad Library and show you what the tool offers.
We also talk about our own experiences with the ad library and when we use it.

So listen and watch, it’s worth it!

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