AMP news from the Google I/O conference


Each year Google shares his new insights on their latest products and things that they are working on at the Google I/O conference.

At this year’s Google’s developer conference there are many interesting new hardware and software developments. The hardware developments usually get the most attention. People would like to know about the latest Google home developments, new android car software, and Nexus phones.

But what interests us the most is the recent developments on the accelerated mobile pages (in short AMP).
Accelerated mobile pages were rolled out about 1 1/2 – 2 years ago by Google. The project has started to develop itself faster and faster as the AMP pages have gotten a higher relevance in the Google search results.


AMP for e-commerce is real

Both the news websites as well as e-commerce companies have started developing websites along the lines of the AMP project. What is interesting is that AMP is not only used for news sites or blogs, but also for e-commerce.

Today at the Google I/O developer conference, Google announced that there are now over 2 billion AMP pages covering some 900,000 domains. These pages are also loading twice as fast as before via Google Search. Lastly, the AMP network is now expanding to more e-commerce sites and covering more ad formats. (source Techcrunch)

The largest e-commerce company that has been experimenting with AMP pages is probably eBay. In this year is Google I/O conference, eBay said that the AMP project has had some tremendous positive response. Hence, they will continue to roll out millions of new pages using this technology in the coming few months.

Next to that note on the eBay will start to roll out this technology even further, but also the likes of Zalando and AliExpress will get on board. This will be a huge move for AMP as a technology.


The lines will fade between mobile and apps

With the correct implementation of AMP, the lines between apps and websites will fade. It is said that in the not so distant future, Google will not distinguish between websites and apps anymore. Websites that follow the accelerated mobile pages protocol could for example also be listed on the App Store.

We believe that: This is not just a technological development, but it’s a mind shift in the way that we approach Mobile app development and websites.

These technological advances will have a big impact on how we use our mobile devices. When it comes to the development of websites, especially mobile websites, this new technology will make a big change in the way we approach mobile web development.


Time to get on-board with AMP

At GANDT Ventures we have been working on developing an accelerated mobile pages e-commerce platform for quite some time now. We will start to roll out the first e-commerce website using his technology in 2017. Our first test has shown that amp pages are preferred over regular responsive websites for mobile.

We will continue to work closely together with our customers as well as Google on this. If you would like to find out more about AMP feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to explain. Of course we cannot forsee the full implications of these developments, but they sure are exciting. It might still be very early, but we think it is time to get on board.

Simply book a free appointment to continue the conversation, and ask us questions about your business.