Google Local Campaigns: What You Need to Know

Post by Bonny Kanjirathumoottil

As cities across the world reopen and customers delight in the experience of visiting brick and mortar stores—now is the time to ensure that your offline sales strategy is in shape. Luckily, Google offers a tool to help you address several angles of this task in one fell swoop.

Streamlining the process, Google Local Campaigns are all about enhancing your store’s visibility and providing potential customers with the information they need to decide when and how to visit. Looking for more foot traffic (who isn’t?)? Keep reading to find out how Google Local Campaigns can help.


Putting Google local campaigns to work for you

As stated, Local Campaigns have been designed so that you can easily reach more offline orders. To get started, all you have to do is provide your business location, campaign budget, and upload ad assets. One of the best things about Google Local Campaigns? They cover four networks: Google Search Network, Display Network, YouTube, and Google Maps.

Once you’ve submitted the requirements — bids, ad placements, and asset combinations are then automatically optimized through machine learning. The campaign aims to maximize in-store sales (offline value) by means of store visits, clicks-to-call, and/or clicks on directions, in addition to promoting your locations on Google products and advertising networks.


Maximizing conversion

Another nice feature is that the bid strategy of maximizing conversion is used for this campaign type. In other words—the conversion value of store visits, call clicks, or directions (depending on what is set) is maximized for the campaign based on your average daily budget. The ads are only shown to customers nearby or to the customers who are more likely to be in the vicinity.


Why we like this tool

As marketers, this tool represents a vital way for us to help clients build their offline sales business. At GANDT, we are focused on helping our clients scale up not only their digital performance but their business performance in general. So by using this tool, we are trying to facilitate offline conversions with online activities.


What you need to know about applying Local Campaigns to your company

Importantly, not many businesses are using this tool yet, so now is the time to act as CPCs should be relatively low. For a relatively modest investment, you can get instant visibility in 4 Google networks. Finally, according to your customized settings, the conversion value of store visits, call clicks, or directions is maximized for the campaign based on your average daily budget.

If that all sounds good to you, please get in touch to learn more about how your business and sales strategy could benefit from Google’s Local Campaigns.

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