Spotify Ad Studio Launches in Germany This Month


If you’ve been reading the news, then you have probably heard that Spotify is expanding the Ad Studio into new global markets. One of these new markets is Germany and the launch is near: As of the 24th of March 2021, German advertisers will be able to use the Ad Studio. Until the launch, interested advertisers can sign up for the waiting list on the Spotify website to receive a notification as soon as it becomes available.


What is the Spotify Ad Studio?

The Spotify Ad Studio is a self-service platform that allows you to manage ads on your own, similar to the Facebook Ads Manager. Within the Spotify Ad Studio, you are able to target your audio ads to specific audiences with a clearly defined goal.


How can Spotify Ads be targeted?

When creating an ad, Spotify lets you choose between two objectives: awareness and promotion. If you are choosing “promote”, you will be able to target fans of a specific artist, making the promotion of a concert that much easier.

Choosing the right audience is quite simple for both types of promotion. Spotify lets you target your audience by demographics and listening behavior. In addition, you can restrict your audience to iOS or Android users only.


Demographics of your audience

If you want to restrict your audience to certain demographics, you can do so by choosing the desired location, age or gender.

Location: When selecting the location, you can decide to target whole countries or choose specific cities.

Age: You can choose from a range between 13 and 65+ years.

Gender: You can target females, males or both genders.


Listening behavior of your audience

This is where the targeting gets really interesting. You can chose to share your ad with listeners for all music genres or stick to one specific one (blues, rap, pop, etc.). In addition, you can also target specific playlist categories (chill, dinner, focus, workout, etc.).

If you chose to target towards playlist categories, you are effectively targeting people’s behavior. This is due to the fact that these playlists are usually connected to specific activities or moods.

We are excited for the rollout of the Spotify Ad Studio in Germany, and being able to test some new audio ads.

We’re joining the live demo/webinar to learn the ins and outs of Spotify Ad Studio and will summarize our key insights for you next month. So, check this space again soon.

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