Five tips for a successful Google My Business Ranking


We show you how you can optimize Google my Business to gain reach and acquire new customers.

Google My Business manages the appearance of your local business in Google Search and Google Maps. It not only contributes to more visibility but also has an impact on local SEO.

Google My Business is indispensable these days, no matter whether you own a restaurant, retail, or service provider.
80% of all searchers use the local search according to Google. 82% use “nearby” search queries (source: Search Engine Land, 2018).
In 2018, compared to 2016, there was a 900% increase in search queries with a “___ nearby” pattern (Think with Google, 2018).

So what do you need to keep in mind to benefit from the increasing relevance of local search?

  1. Provide as much information as possible
  2. Make sure your profile is up to date
  3. Optimize your website
  4. Support business ratings
  5. Create attractive posts


Provide as much information as possible

Make sure that Google has as much information about your company and service as possible. A lot of information increases your reach, as Google only displays your business for suitable search queries.

So make sure that you fill in all fields like location, contact information, products & services, categories, company description, etc. as detailed as possible.

Fünf Tipps für ein erfolgreiches Google My Business Ranking

Categories are especially important to be found. So make sure that you have selected the most relevant one(s) here. If the business model fits into several categories, select them accordingly. You essentially tell Google what kind of customers should see the Google Listing.

For example, if you run a restaurant with a bar, you should choose the category bar as well as restaurant.


Make sure that your profile is up to date

Nothing is more annoying for customers than standing in front of a closed door, although the opening hours on Google Maps give different information.

It is therefore important that opening hours in particular, but also contact options or e.g. menus are up to date. Menus that link to 404 pages or old telephone numbers can cause customers to abandon the site and buy from competitors.

Take the time and also consider issues such as company holidays or public holidays and bridge days when it comes to opening hours. These can be defined via the special opening hours. Potential customers will be grateful to you.


Optimize your website at Google My Business

The own website also plays an important role in the optimization. Website content will be compared by Google with the Google My Business listing and the ranking will be affected accordingly.

Relevant keywords that are used on Google My Business should therefore also be found on the website. Similar to SEO optimization of the website, it is advisable that the most important keywords occur more frequently. However, make sure that it does not look too “spammy” and that the user experience is not negatively affected.


Support business ratings

User reviews are not only a good way to give potential customers a positive impression based on customer experience. It also shows Google that the store is well attended and relevant.

So try to get as many ratings as possible for your company. This can be done on the one hand by directly addressing and asking satisfied customers. On the other hand, you can ask customers to participate in a survey. Based on this, ratings can be prepared and published on Google Ads with the consent of the customers.


Create attractive posts

Google also allows you to create offers that are visible to customers in Google Search. For example, new customer campaigns or seasonal offers can be pointed out. This way you can highlight your company and be more attractive for potential customers compared to the competition.


Conclusion and opportunities for Google My Business

Google My Business is a great opportunity for local marketing. To use it as a successful tool, it is important that it is maintained and kept up to date. Those who expect to set up Google My Business once and treat it as a “self-runner” are giving away great potential in the long run.

Google provides each company with a wide range of features to support local online business. If you need help optimizing your Google My Business account, you can always contact us.

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