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iWay AG | Case Study

Increase in sales through the digitization of marketing processes

How a digital transformation of marketing helped iWay AG increase sales and how a  sustainable implementation strategy helps to ensure long-term success and digital growth.

+ 68% Revenue

- 17% Cost per Order

+ 27% Traffic

+ 79% Conversion Rate

Initial situation and challenges

In September 2018, iWay AG approached us with the following questions and commissioned the GANDT Telco team to develop an implementation strategy for a sustainable investment in growth through digital distribution channels.

  • How to generate growth in a saturated consumer market?
  • How do you open up and scale new digital growth channels?
  • How do you increase the cross and upselling potentials of new customers?
  • How do you achieve lower termination rates for existing customers?

Phase 1: Digital Strategy Consulting

At the beginning of the project, workshops and interviews with the management and shareholders, questions about digitalization and successful scaling were answered.

These included deriving the personal expectations of a digital strategy of individual members of the Executive Board and the various business areas, addressing any skepticism that may exist, and evaluating cross-functional opportunities.

Using these insights from the interviews, we were able to create a mapping of success factors (Customer Success Factors) and an action plan for the coming months to drive digital growth, taking into account internal resources.

Phase 2: Marketing Audit

In answering the first questions from the strategy phase, two marketing audits were carried out in the second step:

External Marketing Audit
The external audit was used to analyse the market potential, positioning of competitors and the perception of the brand and advertising media among consumers.

Internal Marketing Audit
Analysis of existing marketing activities based on the channel mix, online marketing efficiencies, channel deep-dives, budget allocations, general set-up factors and organizational structure.

Phase 3: Online Operations

Derived from the insights of the marketing audits, concrete implementation strategies emerged, which led to successful operational results with the support of the internal online marketing team:

Paid Advertising & Social Media
Restructuring and expansion of SEA and Facebook Paid activities based on newly defined attribution models, profit margin calculations and optimized bidding strategies.
Building and implementing a social media strategy in both paid and organic areas.

Interim Management
Implementation support in online marketing by experienced project managers in the areas of product management (website and online shop) as well as CRM.
This included the analysis and optimization of the website/shop system, optimization and creation of micro conversion events, UX/UI improvements in the check-out system and general optimization of the user journey.
Planning and implementation of the technical connection of the CRM system with the ERP. Definition and implementation of user routes to increase CLVs and exploit cross-selling potentials.

Team Enablement & Coaching
Onboarding and coaching of the new marketing director. Weekly 1-on-1 for the control and thematic development of the new digital team.
Coaching and enablement of the IT team to connect and support business intelligence (BI) topics and visualizations in Tableau (data visualization tool).

Project Highlight

Relaunch of website with a focus on optimizing usability and simplifying the CheckOut process

Project duration and resource use

In order to achieve the jointly defined objectives, the project was divided into four sub-projects/phases and implemented.

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