GANDT Fireside Chat #041 | New Youtube Ad Formant, Google Keen and Search Console Reports

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GANDT Fireside Chat #041

True to our motto “Working Out Loud”, we at GANDT Ventures exchange our thoughts and ideas on current news topics in the world of online marketing, digital retail, and e-commerce. This helps us uncover opportunities that can be used for companies and our clients as part of our daily business.

But most of all, it is a lot of fun and a great way to share knowledge.
Our podcast-style chats are available to anyone who is interested to find out more about what Google, Facebook, Amazon and the likes are up to.

Listen in, learn a little something and get to know the team. 🙂🎧📹 All recordings are in German – don’t forget to turn on the (automatic YouTube) Captions if you need help translating our words to English.

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YouTube Ads – Lead Form

Google wants to position YouTube more as a sales platform, so it makes it possible for advertisers to expand the CTA in a YouTube ad in the future. Tis way suitable product catalogues can be presented under the video.

Do these interactive campaigns make YouTube Ads a Lead Generation Tool? thinks the branding effects of these campaigns can be great.

In addition, lead forms for video campaigns can now also be integrated there. This feature allows advertisers to generate qualified leads.

Google wants to use these features to improve traffic on product pages to generate sales or leads, directly through video ad campaigns for advertisers.

Google Keen – Combination of Pinterest and Feedly

The search engine is also expanding its portfolio of tools in the direction of social media: The new platform Keen is strongly reminiscent of Pinterest or Feedly.
The feature is intended to open up a new potential to appeal to more users through appropriately proposed content.

This service is intended to recommend relevant content from websites to users, whereby there is a decisive difference to Pinterest and Co: Keen actively searches for relevant content for the user via Google Search.
Unlike a search engine, however, Keen proactively suggests content that the user might like. Keen could thus be an exciting marketing channel for companies.
However, we also find a disadvantage of the app: It is only available on Android devices for the time being.

Google GA and Search Console – New Integrated Reports

For the Marketeers among us, who are busy with SEO optimizations and the Google Search Console, there are positive news: A new Search Console section is to appear in Google Analytics.
The combination of Google Search Console and Google Analytics is, in our view, overdue and will greatly facilitate the analysis of website traffic.

Previously, to gain insights regarding SEO keyword traffic and rankings you had to combine the data from Google Analytics and the Search Console to create a complete data image.

This should be possible centrally in Google Analytics in the future – we are excited!

Listen to us in the Fireside Chat #041 to learn more.

Agenda | GANDT Fireside Chat Video #041

00:00 Intro
00:58 YouTube Ads – Shoppable TrueView for action & Lead form
14:05 Google Keen – Combination of Pinterest and Feedly
24:42 Google Analytics and Search Console – New Integrated Reports
31:10 Outro

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