GANDT Fireside Chat #023 | Shopify as Omni-Channel solution and Youtube Select

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GANDT Fireside Chat #023

True to our motto “Working Out Loud”, we at GANDT Ventures we exchange our thoughts and ideas on current news topics in the world of online marketing, digital retail, and e-commerce. This helps us uncover opportunities that can be used for companies and our clients as part of our daily business.

But most of all, it is a lot of fun and a great way to share knowledge.
Our podcast-style chats are available to anyone who is interested to find out more about what Google, Facebook, Amazon and the likes are up to.

Listen in, learn a little something and get to know the team. 🙂🎧📹 All recordings are in German – don’t forget to turn on the (automatic YouTube) Captions if you need help translating our words to English.

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Shopfiy as an interface for Omni-Channel Marketing

In previous Fireside Chats we have already mentioned the eCommerce software provider Shopify and pointed out its current relevance and newly integrated features and connections.

However, Shopify not only offers a simple solution for the creation of online shops, but the company is increasingly focusing on the connection between online and offline commerce.

In the current Fireside Chat we talk about Shopifys Omni-Channel solution.

In a recently published launch video, the software provider announced current insights on how the stationary retailers were able to bridge the corona crisis with the help of Omni-Channel solutions.

After the stationary stores had to close, 71% of the total revenue collapsed – retailers lost a large part of their sales overnight.
But thanks to online shops, the entrepreneurs were able to regain up to 94% of the lost revenue.

Listen and follow our discussion about the opportunities that Shopify can provide for small and medium businesses.

How exactly does Shopify implement the Omni-Channel approach? Is online trade really a competition to stationary trade?
Chris answers these and other questions in his Deep Dive on “The relevance of Shopify for an Omnichannel approach”.

Youtube Select: New content solution for marketers

We have been using YouTube as a marketing channel not only since the launch of our Fireside Chats. But now we can use the video portal for our own brand for the first time and are happy about new features that Google publishes.

“YouTube Select”, as the new feature is called, combines all previous content solutions like Google Preferred. This gives marketers not only more flexibility but also control to reach the defined target group in the chosen environment – and at the right time.

What exactly are the advantages of YouTube Select? Listen in and you’ll find out.

Agenda | GANDT Fireside Chat Video #023

00:00 Intro
01:30 Shopfiy as an interface for Omni-Channel Marketing
19:32 Youtube Select for Marketers

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