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Market entry and digital distribution B2C products R-Pharm Group
(“Bloom Beauty Essence” and “Nao”)

Introducing dietary supplements in the B2C market by developing a multi-channel marketing strategy and local omni-channel support for offline sales

E-Commerce Strategy Development

+95% Conversion Rate

+400% Newsletter Registration

Omni-Channel Strategy Development

Initial situation and challenges

In July 2018, the management of R-Pharm GmbH approached us with the following questions and commissioned the GANDT team to develop an implementation strategy for a sustainable investment in growth via digital distribution channels.

The R-Pharm Group produces pharmaceutical products (was part of the Pfizer Group until 2014). Their core competence is the production of high-quality pharmaceutical products, as well as B2B sales (pharmacist networks, wholesale contacts, and trade fairs).

The introduction of dietary supplements allows R-Pharm to establish direct contact with the end user. A diverse product range is intended to appeal to customers in the field of beauty and health.

Digital distribution is to become an important part of the marketing strategy.

  • Is our website suitable for online sales (product information, content, payment options, success measurement)?
  • How can we support offline sales with online advertising (e.g. advertising locally near the sales locations and pharmacy)?
  • What makes an effective digital channel mix in dietary supplement sales?
  • What measures enable us to sustainably build up the customer base (e.g. Social Media Community Management)?
  • Are there similar limitations in the marketing of dietary supplements compared to pharmaceutical products?

Phase 1: Digital Strategy Consulting

The first phase was used to get to know the team, as well as the holistic setup. Experience has shown that it is necessary to identify the possibilities and competences in the team at an early stage and to discuss them together.

Resource availability from the project team (the R-Pharm Group) also plays a significant role in project planning.

After the initial discussions, we were able to create a detailed resource planning and the appropriate project requirements profile for online sales and digital product development (necessary website improvements for digital sales).

The (online) marketing challenges were discussed together and the project expectations on the part of management and the project team were formulated.
The aim was to consolidate the findings and successfully communicate them to management.

Phase 2: Marketing Audit

The Marketing Audit defined the expectations and requirements for our online operations.
The audit took into account both internal possibilities and external (market) factors.

The audit focused on the following topics:

Internal marketing audit
analysis of existing marketing activities based on the channel mix, online marketing efficiencies, channel deep-dives, budget allocations, general and technical set-up factors and organizational structure.

  • Marketing channel Deep-Dive with analysis of the social media channels and the Facebook Paid account
  • Assessment of the structure and the advertising materials used – what has been done so far well and on which it could be built
  • Did the previous digital customer communication correspond to the objective and desired communication method of the project team?
  • Website analysis, user flow, bounce rates, page load times, technical SEO requirements, flexibility of front and backend
  • Preparation of profit margin invoices in order to obtain a complete picture of the online operations; taking into account the profit margin, GANDT subsequently set up the channel planning (budget planning)

External Marketing Audit
The external audit was used to analyse market potentials and position competitors.
Among other things, the following questions were analysed:

  • What does the competition for similar products do on the market?
  • What is the marketing mix for competitors?
  • Where are there gaps in the market with the Products of the R-Pharm Group that can be exploited in online sales?
  • How large are customer segments that we want to address?
  • What is the total market potential per product and customer segment?
  • How is the product range of the R-Pharm Group perceived from the outside by the consumer?

Phase 3: Online Operations

From the derived insights of the previous marketing audits, concrete implementation strategies emerged, which have led to successful operational results with the services of online marketing support.

Team Enablement & Coaching

  • Coaching and onboarding of the project team
  • Weekly 1-on-1 for the control and thematic development of the Digital Team
  • Support for Business Intelligence (BI) Topics and Visualization in Tableau (Data Visualization Tool)
  • Induction of new project staff and coaching of external service providers

In addition, GANDT has temporarily taken over online marketing from the R-Pharm project team. Paid online marketing channels were set up and maintained daily.

Development of SEA and Facebook Paid activities based on target-group keywords, advertisements and advertising media – taking into account the limitations of the pharmaceutical topic complex

Planning and implementation of a “content world”: creation of wireframes, elaboration of a content roadmap, as well as specification of keyword briefings for communication of product and brand values

Building and implementing a social media strategy through the development of campaign plans, as well as active community and account management of Facebook and Instagram

Implementation of lead generation measures by connecting affiliate partners in combination with sweepstakes campaigns

Planning and implementation of the technical connection of the CRM system

Definition and implementation of user routes to increase CLVs

Measures to increase the community

Analysis and optimization of the website/shop system

Optimization and creation of micro conversion events as well as general optimization of the user journey

Implement local display and search campaigns to support offline sales

Project Highlight

Re-structure of social media channels with uniform campaign and postal format as well as CI-compliant coloring

Project duration and resource use for both products

In order to achieve the jointly defined objectives, the project was divided into four sub-projects/phases, which have been completed in succession.

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