Dan Farnbach

Senior Expert & Strategist

Dan is a marketing intelligence expert and big-picture strategist.

Dan is a strategist and senior expert at GANDT Ventures with almost 10 years overall experience in the digital industry.

Originally from Colorado, USA, Dan joined GANDT during his first year in Switzerland (2021). His background includes management and strategy for mid-sized American media companies and small digital shops — including his own — with functional areas ranging from content management and ads optimization to business analysis and due diligence.

The common theme for Dan has always been his focus maximizing enterprise and operational value for clients, while remaining creative and human in his approach.


Dan’s Focus Topics

Marketing Due Diligence
Marketing due diligence helps evaluate strategic issues, answering questions around make-or-buy decisions, and how effectively and efficiently your marketing organization works.

Data Visualization
Creation and analysis of reports and dashboards for the visual presentation of data in order to recognize and use patterns, trends and correlations.

Business Strategy
Digital marketing strategy overlaps more and more with overall business strategy, so it’s becoming increasingly important to blend these elements from Day One and revisit big-picture questions at regular intervals as we think about the next “chapters” of growth.