Konstantina Gkritzapi

Product and UX Intern

Konstantina is into designing great digital experiences and building new products with a human-centric approach.

She challenges the status quo and the “it has always been like this” mentality, and looks for the better solutions. Along her career, she has been involved in several entrepreneurial environments, leading and coordinating the development of digital products and services.

At GANDT, she guides teams in translating their vision and purpose in beautiful and flawless digital experiences as well as leading their coordination.

With a diverse cultural identity, she was born in Greece and lived in the Dominican Republic and Italy, before she settled in Z├╝rich. People around her recognize her as driven, following her passions and creating her own path to get there. She is known for being a great communicator – her openness and emotional intelligence allow her to understand and reach diverse groups of people.

She cares about honesty, transparency and wants to create a positive impact by helping improve people’s lives through equitable and sustainable human-centered design.