3 ways your company can benefit from a digital back office

One of the services that we offer is that we work as the digital back office for SMBs. We use our expertise to fill the gaps wherever it is needed. There are a number of ways that you can use our expertise and with this post we would like to share three ways that your company can benefit from our digital back office service.

Process and workflow digitalization

Many aspects of a business can be streamlined and set up more efficiently. The digitalization of workflows is an area of business in which midsize companies and corporate can create tremendous efficiency gains.

We see that many midsize companies still have a lot of paperwork that is done manually. The digitalization of workflows and processes can lower employee distress and workload. Whereas time and efficiency gains help teams focus on that what they do best.

This part of our business involves both strategic help as well as digital project management. It could be that: you are introducing a new inventory management system within the company. And would like to streamline the in and outbound handling processes, but you do not have resources left on your team to manage the process. This is exactly where our digital project management back office service comes in. „3 ways your company can benefit from a digital back office“ weiterlesen

How to choose the right agency

When we first got started with our own projects back in the mid-2000s, SEO, Search and Social Media were just getting started. The tools have evolved, the marketing possibilities have developed themselves, and account management / good “connections” has become less important.

These increased opportunities and the tools that are at our disposal at the moment are fantastic for the industry. However this does not mean that digital (marketing) has become more transparent for SMBs. There are many tools and service provider out there.

When you do not have the skills and knowledge in-house that you need to manage your marketing campaigns, an working with an agency can be a good idea.

Agencies have become far more professional and many have access to the exact same tools, channels and traffic. This means that it is very important to understand their value propositions and what it is that they actually offer. „How to choose the right agency“ weiterlesen