Continuous stakeholder buy-in crucial to your venture success

When to work on what?

Operational excellence can be achieved when things are done right and efficiently. However, we believe that it is just as important to manage expectations well and work on the things that create value in line with stakeholder expectations continuously.  

Understanding when it is critical to a project to work on something aspect of its development and managing expectations is crucial to the longterm success of your venture.  „Continuous stakeholder buy-in crucial to your venture success“ weiterlesen

How to optimize your reach on social media

This week I got a number of questions regarding social media and how it can be used best. Yet all questions were similar and they all addressed the notion of impact and reach. In essence the questions came down to this: „Which platform would give my blogpost the highest possible reach?“

This is a question that is not that easy to answer, because in my opinion it is the wrong question to ask. The question that I would think is far more important is: How can I achieve the highest relevant impact with my content and how can I use the different social media channels to grab the attention of my target audience?

One of the important things to understand about social media, is that the tools differ, but the people on the platforms are (often times) the same. Users generally use 3-4 types of social media on a daily basis. Facebook to keep in touch with friends, Medium to read in-depth articles, LinkedIn for business and industry insights and instagram to get inspired.

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How to fix UTF-8 issues in csv-files

This is one simple life hack for anyone who works with .csv files and excel. It can be tricky to fix encoding issues, especially with german characters (ö, ä ü). This quick tutorial shows you exactly how you can resolve this problem. The solution is a simple, but effective work around.

We first encountered this problem when exporting a product feed from one of our customers magento backend. Although the file did not seem to be corrupt and it worked in Notepad++, it did not seem to work well in Excel. The encoding issue made it impossible for us to use the product feed (see below).

How to fix UTF-8 issues in csv-files

Background information: What is a product feed? 

A Product feed is essentially a list of products in your shop. This list usually comes in the form of a .csv-file or .xml-file. Either one of the two can be used for up,-  and downloading product information in bulk. Many affiliate marketing publishers work with product feeds (such as Google Shopping, Amazon, or Awin).  

If you have any further questions about this life hack, or need some help with your own data-issues: feel free to reach out to us by using the contact form.

This is why the future of retail is digital

We believe that it’s important for retailers to continue to do that what they do best. Digital transformation is a process not a goal.

Yet, for many retailers this is not very easy to grasp. We see that a great number of retailers think that digital is the future or at least online purchases are the future. To a certain extend there is some truth to that. However we believe that customers are not fully ready to go all-in on online.

Next to that, they enjoy the possibility to shop in stationary shops. It might currently look as though pure online players are “winning”, but there are some clear limitations. Traditional retailers might not be fully out of the game, just yet. That is, if they continue to do what they have been doing best for many decades. „This is why the future of retail is digital“ weiterlesen

How Amazon Prime Day will make you think twice about purchasing something in the next few days

Amazon Prime day is going into its third round. The last two years the exclusive sales event for Amazons Prime Members became one of ecommerce most important sales days of the year. Both larger and smaller retailers alike (who sell on amazon) cannot wait for this monster sales peak.

The overall growth rate of the Prime Day is impressive to say the least. With hundreds of thousands of deals within a time period of only 30 hours, these super sales are a feast to anyone who needs “something”. From clothes to tech, and all you need to join in on the fun is a Prime Account (which comes in at 45 EUR p/year).

Prime day will be bigger than Black Friday

At the top of the list of most hated days in the year (for traditional retailers that is) is surely Black Friday (or the online equivalent Cyber Monday). This sales event is nothing more but a cry for help for an entire industry that is battling their over-stocks. Turnover pressure has become tremendous, with investors wanting to see growth to cover for their investments. Retailers see very little alternative than to simply selling all of their over-stock at ridiculously low prices.  „How Amazon Prime Day will make you think twice about purchasing something in the next few days“ weiterlesen