How to optimize your reach on social media

This week I got a number of questions regarding social media and how it can be used best. Yet all questions were similar and they all addressed the notion of impact and reach. In essence the questions came down to this: „Which platform would give my blogpost the highest possible reach?“

This is a question that is not that easy to answer, because in my opinion it is the wrong question to ask. The question that I would think is far more important is: How can I achieve the highest relevant impact with my content and how can I use the different social media channels to grab the attention of my target audience?

One of the important things to understand about social media, is that the tools differ, but the people on the platforms are (often times) the same. Users generally use 3-4 types of social media on a daily basis. Facebook to keep in touch with friends, Medium to read in-depth articles, LinkedIn for business and industry insights and instagram to get inspired.

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Questions data will answer you

Your Business, regardless of the size and focus (B2C eCommerce vs. B2B Corporate) will definitely benefit from a thought out data strategy. In today’s technology driven business world quantitive and qualitative information is key to success and enables the decision process thorough repetitive and reliable input.

Here is an example of questions data can answer you:

Sales/ Marketing/ Analytics

– Which sales channels are best for our customer groups?
– How successful was a marketing campaign?
– Which customer segment shall I focus on?
– What are the purchasing activities of our cohorts?
– How successful was the sell-out of certain brands/ products?
– What is my competitor doing in terms of marketing activities?
– …

Product Management

– In which products shall we invest?
– What is the optimal pricing for our product?
– Which impact does conversion improvement bring to my business?
– What is the customer journey and how can I improve it?
– …


– Which products shall we source for the upcoming season?
– Which sizes are the best selling one?
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3 ways your company can benefit from a digital back office

One of the services that we offer is that we work as the digital back office for SMBs. We use our expertise to fill the gaps wherever it is needed. There are a number of ways that you can use our expertise and with this post we would like to share three ways that your company can benefit from our digital back office service.

Process and workflow digitalization

Many aspects of a business can be streamlined and set up more efficiently. The digitalization of workflows is an area of business in which midsize companies and corporate can create tremendous efficiency gains.

We see that many midsize companies still have a lot of paperwork that is done manually. The digitalization of workflows and processes can lower employee distress and workload. Whereas time and efficiency gains help teams focus on that what they do best.

This part of our business involves both strategic help as well as digital project management. It could be that: you are introducing a new inventory management system within the company. And would like to streamline the in and outbound handling processes, but you do not have resources left on your team to manage the process. This is exactly where our digital project management back office service comes in. „3 ways your company can benefit from a digital back office“ weiterlesen

Google is going all-in on native advertizing

Content advertizing is something that the social media platforms have been doing best. Facebooks ad revenues for example are said be be 80% from native advertizing (content posts).

Now Google wants a piece of the cake. Or better to say an even bigger piece of the cake. Google (Alphabet) has started rolling out three new mobile advertizing formats. These AdSense formats go directly after mobile native ads.

AdSense native ad formats include in-feed, in-article and matched content (as Marketingland reports). Publishers can use any of these formats to add additional content to their websites/blogs/vlogs that is relevant to the user.  „Google is going all-in on native advertizing“ weiterlesen

How to develop a digital game plan

A solid business plan can I help you with your team structure your resources best and having a solid game plan is key to long term success

In the heat of the moment, it’s sometimes very difficult to find the right balance between wanting to over exceed your own expectations and doing the right things. Most of the times it is not so much about the actual output, but more about managing expectations. Especially with senior management breathing down your neck and asking for results. Having a good game plan for your digital activities is essential. „How to develop a digital game plan“ weiterlesen

Things to think about in your marketing plan

If you are setting up your marketing plan, you will most definitely want to take these things into consideration. Planning can be painstaking and difficult at times, but essential if you want to make an impact.

The most important thing about planning, is that you do it. Often enough it is quicker and easier to simply do what others have come up with, or what agencies propose. Yet you should definitely know your customer base better than that. You know what works and what does not. And if you don’t (just yet), plan it into your budget to find out what will work and what doesn’t.

These things will help you put together a solid marketing and budget plan:
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Life Hack: Fix Tableau HDPI Problem On Your Windows PC

Today I would like to share a life hack with you that will really have a big impact on your work and quality if you work with tableau on a high resolution screen and Windows computer.

At GANDT Ventures we use Tableau as our main analysis and Data visualization tool. Tableau is absolutely fantastic, this sheer power it has in dealing with large data sets combined with its ease of use is unparalleled. Each of our employees works with data visualization tools on a daily basis to give our customers and partners the insights  they need to do a good job.

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Facebook launches Collections on Mobile

Facebook announced that they will start to roll out a new mobile shopping feature called Collections on March 23rd. An attempt to streamline the purchasing experience for (Fashion-) Brands, Facebook focus on creating a seamless, fast-loading purchasing experience.

Brands can use a combination of video and static content to entice the user and bring them into their shop. The mini shop with up to 50 products is readily available within Facebook. Making the view to purchase experience fast and seamless.

Collections tell a more visual product story

Social Media are widely seen a source of inspiration for shoppers. In-feed ads and native ads are amongst the strongest growth drivers for small and larger companies alike. Native Advertising has caught on well in the last year, with over 50% off all US-Mobile adspend using this ad format.  With native advertising on the rise, content and ads blend in ever more.

Business Insider already reported the following in december 2016: Facebook’s effort to create Collections comes as it struggles to distinguish between high-quality content from established media outlets and the glut of low-quality, fake news stories that go viral across the social network. 

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Are you in charge of your own data?

Data integrity is one of the most important topics in a data driven world. The term <big data> has been around for a number of years now, but very few companies actually managed to work with the data that they have. The biggest challenge is not really to collect the data, but to collect it in such a way that you can work with it.

Data integrity describes the quality of the way that you have saved your data across its lifecycle. It is essential to save your customer data or transaction data in a clean matter – not just once, but systematically.

Data visualization tools such as tableau can really make a big difference to your daily work. If you would like to work with your data you will need to clean it up. Tools such as tableau can take the first step for you, but they cannot do everything.

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