As part of our venture building services we provide our customers with the technical tools, products and resources they need to test their hypothesis.

These tools can vary from business insight-dashboards that we built in Tableau,  full blown websites and landing pages, or even apps. In the video above I have explained the process behind a typical venture product development. It is important to understand what the goal of a venture product is.

Therefore we distinguish between business solutions, a proof of concept product and the actual long term product that is needed. Each and every venture phase requires a different type of product. What we understand though is that we need to provide our customers with a framework that is scalable and flexible to test different hypotheses.

A flexible product framework as the basis

This framework must allow the customer to continue to develop the product independently in the long run. In addition to that it must provide the customer with the flexibility that allows the customer to be creative. We believe that a framework must be scalable and flexible enough for the customer to truly shine. In the first phase of the process we will sure customers exactly what can be done with the product and how we would use it.

But it is up to the customer itself to determine what suits his or her customer base best. It is imperative that we need the industry insights and drive to create a product that will succeed in the long run. With the products that we create we built the bases from which our customers can develop its own creative digital strength.

Short video summary

In the video above I have elaborated a little bit more on the type of products that we have created in the past and will continue to create with our customers. We believe that creative empowerment and sharing digital knowledge is the best way forward. It is our long-term goal to teach our customers and partners how they can use the digital tools that are at their disposal in the best possible way.

Whether you would like to test an entirely new market, bring your product to market, or create a small proof of concept that you can show your superior within your company we will help you do exact that. We hope that this method of creating new digital products and services will help take the anxiety away within businesses to do something in digital.

It doesn’t matter if this is a service or product that you would like to market it is important that you start to understand what the opportunities are that are at your disposal. Our venture building services help do just that.

Tell us about your challenges and goals

If you would like to find out more about the products that we have created with and for our customers, please reach out to us using the contact form on our website. We would be more than happy to have an open conversation about the challenges that you might face and the possibilities that could be developed within your company setting.