GANDT Fireside Chat #044 | TikTok Business Manager and Opportunities

Post by Elli Schneider

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Tiktok for Business

TikTok is now ready for business – the company has officially launched a new platform for its marketing solutions. Under the name “TikTok For Business”, Tiktok combines existing advertising formats in one central location. In addition, future marketing solutions will be presented there.

At launch, the website provides access to the TikTok ad formats, including the TopView branded product – the ad that appears when the TikTok app is first opened. Other products under the umbrella of TikTok for Business include brand acquisitions, in-feed videos, hashtag challenges and branded effects.

Furthermore, marketers also have access to the Creator Marketplace here. Brands and creators can meet on this market square and start cooperations.

In addition, the platform is introducing a new e-learning center to help advertisers learn about TikTok and its ad offerings.
This center will include product guides, resources, and creative best practices to help them launch successful campaigns or learn about the Branded Effects Partner Program.

TikTok does not publicly disclose the prices for its ads and placements, but says pricing depends on what the brand wants to achieve and the size of its campaign.
Their own website details some of their budget targets, such as a minimum amount of 50 dollars for both daily campaign budgets and the total budget.


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