Together we make digital
a part of your DNA.

We empower organizations to develop their business and digital best.

GANDT is a Swiss digital strategy consultancy. However, we are more than just consultants. We are digital enablers, sparring partners and entrepreneurs.

We help companies grow and transform their businesses to achieve digital longevity. With our co-creation approach and our DNA. program, we ensure that they learn and are empowered to handle digital innovation on their own.

Our Services.

Digital Strategy
As a C-Level sparring partner, we evaluate digital investments and discover new strategic opportunities.
Our Marketing Due Diligence analyzes internal data and external marketing measures to identify opportunities.
We will help you to optimize marketing channels, test new innovations and design efficient performance marketing channels.

Our Clients.

Direct Mail Company
immo Scout24
Katjes Greenfood
Landquart Fashion Outlet
MW Expat
Project Expat
Rechenzentrum Ostschweiz (RZO)
Reyer Looks
Summer discovery
True Religion

What our clients say.

Matthias Oswald - CEO and Founder
"GANDT Ventures helped us grow in a saturated market through digital channels. The team around Jacek Kozera convinces with cross-functional expertise and a focus on entrepreneurial scaling. We use this expertise not only in marketing, but also for coaching the company management."
Patrick M. Graf - Chief Commercial Officer
"Digital Enablement through Co-Creation. Digital enablement of the organisation through sharing knowledge & know how. As a strategy and implementation partner, GANDT has helped us to achieve our ambitious goals faster and more efficiently. Be it as a strategic sparring partner for the management or as an enabler & coach for the operational teams and our subsidiary Tourneau."
Tim Köck - Managing Director
"Working with GANDT Ventures for many years as a partner company on a variety of projects is highly professional, and always a lot of fun. GANDT stands out with profound knowledge and their hands-on mentality in digital marketing topics, which combine perfectly with our expertise in web development."

Our Way of Working.

Our corporate values are reflected in our team and in the way we work.

We work according to our Working Out Loud principle. This means that we not only present our clients and employees with the end result of a project, but actively involve them directly into the process. This way they can continue to be successful without us.

Our Newest Insights.

15.07.2022 - Anna Johnston

Learning & Development: What does this mean to us?

Every day at GANDT we develop our problem solving minds, as we tackle issues, overcome obstacles, and implement solutions. We are constantly learning from each other and our clients. However, no matter how much we progress, there is always more knowledge to explore and new skills to learn.

During our Quarterly gathering last week, our team got together for what was an important and fruitful workshop led by our founder Jacek. The topic was triggering for us as individuals and as a group: as we focused on Learning and Development and what this represents for us, we brainstormed about methods, techniques, rules and exercises that could be implemented here at GANDT to leverage some of these ideas and contribute to our growth.

To begin, we dedicated some time to think about what personal development means to us. For some, this resinated on a personal level where improving health and peace of mind, reducing stress, and developing greater resilience and happiness were at the forefront. For others, the focus was stretched across a wider spectrum where building strong relationships, increasing productivity in the workplace, and becoming a better communicator were most valuable.


We used a co-creative approach to discuss practical ways in which we could leverage these ideas. Discussing the ‘how’ resulted in the following suggestions:

  • Taking courses
  • Shadowing each other
  • Watching videos
  • Sharing learnings on a weekly basis
  • Initiating and taking part in open learning sessions
  • Improving communication through workshops
  • Brainstorming as a team


To flesh out these practical exercises, we took one step further to discuss the topics that we considered most valuable. These covered several different areas.


  • active listening
  • business story telling
  • non-verbal communication – body language
  • asking questions
  • learning industry jargon in both English and German
  • building meaningful business relationships


  • managing a schedule
  • optimising productivity and performance
  • mastering g-suite
  • setting priorities
  • how to do presentations
  • mastering notion
  • improving understanding of the tools we use every day


  • brainstorming on how to focus and block distractions
  • developing motivation and drive
  • balancing work and private life
  • giving and receiving feedback


Reflecting on ‘why’ there is a need for learning and development after discussing ‘what’ this means to us and ‘how’ we can achieve it, was an effective way to demonstrate what value each team member can bring to the table. Indeed, thinking about what is important to us as individuals and having the opportunity to communicate and materialise it creates a sense of purpose and fulfilment. Most importantly, creating habits, being disciplined and taking initiative are necessary and part of our responsibilities in the workplace. To ensure the continuity of our co-creative workshop, we identified next steps which would start by engaging with our respective manager as well as our team mates, to communicate objectives and expectations.


What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving them.

-Henry David Thoreau


Striving for a proactive lifestyle, both privately and professionally, is what we believe in here at GANDT. The development of ones self is an ongoing process in which learning, challenging, reflecting and adapting are key, and creating the right environment for this to happen is the first step. Defining development ideas and designing a program is the next, in which we all have an internal role to play.

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