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Our Approach

Focus on digital growth

We are a strategy consultancy from Switzerland with an international team of digital-first, entrepreneurial consultants.

Each and everyone on the team is an excellent sparring partner in their respective field and works closely together with our clients.

Together with our clients, we strategize, plan, develop and implement digital products and services, whilst sharing as much digital knowledge as we can along the way. We believe our approach enables systematic digital change management, from within your organization.

Do you know what your teams are up to? Great, but do you have your own view and opinion on what they should and could be working on 12-24 months from now? 

Our C-Suite consulting approach is personal, direct and effective. We have helped dozens of C-Level employees and business owners develop their own opinion on digital topics; from investment possibilities in online through strategic multi-channel online marketing challenges. 

Not certain what that direction is, or could possibly be? If you are looking for an open sparring partner who is not afraid to state his opinion, you have found your match.

Digital marketing can be used as more than a performance sales channel. But in most organizations, marketing insights are not used to their full potential. 

Strategic marketing insights can be used throughout the organization, in purchasing, merchandizing, content creation as well as corporate communication. 

Our consultants help you and your team learn utilize the possibilities of an integrated data management approach, spot market trends effectively and use performance marketing campaigns to learn about your products, services and customers. 

With our digital consulting services, we aim to bridge the knowledge gaps for omni-channel (digital and stationary luxury) retail stores, especially with regard to using marketing data effectively. 

The term “big data” is somewhat outdated, but fact of the matter is, many organizations sit around on substantial piles of information; the question is, do they really use it? 

In order for you and your teams to take the right decisions, data visualization is a strong asset to hold. Not only do you want to keep your top level growth (or decline) in check, but customer journey or lifetime value information as well as contribution margins should be on every dashboard of a performance-driven company.

Our data experts know a thing or two about the challenges of “data cleansing” and database structures. Furthermore, our portfolio of best-practise Tableau Dashboards continues to grow week-over-week. Interested to find out what you could learn from your data? 

We take a very active approach in our way of working and believe it is best to show our partners how we do things. 

Hence, we probably do not create the prettiest of slide decks – although we can recommend a few creative agencies who can surely help out – our focus is on excellent execution. 

All of our team members are experienced digital first consultants, with a knack for performance marketing, data science and/or technical product managment. Hence, we can potentially fill knowledge gaps in your organization (for project work, or as a sparring partner within your teams).

It is important to understand, that we prefer to work closely with our partners. Hence, our consultants do not work on 4-5 projects at the same time, but we deploy dedicated resources per project that suit the industry and needs of the client. 

If you don’t mind us looking over your shoulder and you are looking for a hands-on consultancy, we hope you will hit the contact us button, now. 

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Together, we develop your digital future

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Jacek Kozera

Partner and strategist (Switzerland)

Tobias Hollweg

Project. and regional MNG. Munich

To grow online means to invest in the strategy. Prioritizing activities, managing partners, creating measurability and, above all, maintaining an overview. As the person responsible, can you answer the questions about opportunities, limitations and costs? Are you sitting in the "driver seat" of your company?

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One thing you should know

Smartphones, tablets and other digital devices have become our trusted advisors in every day life. Yet, even-though they have been around for more than a decade, most organizations have a hard time to catch up with the fast pace of digital developments

And there is nothing wrong with that. 

We have made it our mission to share our ways of working, and first-hand know-how of working in an omni-channel, international, digital market. We support you and your team to focus on things that matter, when it comes to digital assets and projects. 

In essence, we help make sure that your customer has a tangible benefit from your work and the services you provide. And together, we build up the necessary organizational structure as well as expertise to face your digital future, proactively. 

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Are you a digital strategist with entrepreneurial genes and want to shape the digital future?

Eager to learn more and help our clients out with online marketing, organizational transformation and digital change management? We might just have the right job for you. 

Have a look at our open positions. Don’t think one of the jobs fits your profile perfectly? Feel free to send us your CV and a “letter” (email or video is fine too of course) of motivation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is GANDT Ventures based?

GANDT Ventures was founded in Switzerland and our main office is in Lachen (Kanton Schwyz). Furthermore, we have a team based in Munich, Germany. With both teams we support our clients, wherever they are based (mainly in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the United States (NYC and LA)). 

Is GANDT Ventures a consultancy or an agency?

We work as a consultancy, with a pragmatic coaching and organizational development approach. This means that we prefer to work alongside our clients to teach them how to work on digital assets and questions, rather than “fixing” the issues as an agency, with little to no knowledge transfer.

How big is the Team?

Our core team consists of approximately 15 full time digital strategist (not counting part time workers, students and interns). Next to that, we have close ties to the creative and IT-development agency Eichmeister in Munich, who we consider to be part of our extended team. 

Do you invest (capital) in projects?

We are not a venture capital company. The word “Ventures” in our brand name, describes the (digital) endeavor we take with our clients; “venturing” for us underlines our long term vision of going on a journey with our clients, instead of a short term <quick fix> way of working. 


Do you work with freelancer?

We do not work with freelancer on a regular basis. We try to enable the internal expertise of our clients as much as we can. To make sure our team consists of great sparring partner, we invest in trainings/workshops/knowledge sharing within the GANDT Ventures group. Of course, we do use our professional network of specialist to help out when expert industry know-how is required (for example: technical / marketing due diligences or digital asset valuations). 

How long are your projects?

We work on different types of projects. Some of our clients we have done ad-hoc advisory on for a number of years, whereas we also support some customers to fill the digital knowledge gaps in the organization. It can take a few months/quarters until the organizational setup is complete and in-house resources have been found/build-up. Hence, the project length generally varies between 6 and 24 months. 

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