Facebook messenger rooms will be integrated in WhatsApp on desktop

Post by Remco Livain

Close on the heels of launching Messenger Rooms as a real-time video conferencing alternative to the likes of Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, there are now reports that Facebook could soon be integrating it into the Whatsapp desktop version.

A report on WABetaInfo suggests that Whatsapp has already started testing Messenger Rooms on the desktop version and the feature has already been made available to some users.


Why are Facebook Messenger Rooms a big deal?

Messenger Rooms is the first product that utilizes the power of the full Facebook ecosystem. Users can video chat in a Messenger Room using their WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger-apps or Portal devices.

Messenger Rooms do not require both parties to use the same app. In practical terms, this means that someone on Instagram can contact another person on WhatsApp – and vice versa.

This makes the Facebook video calling and streaming service very easy to use and lowers the barriers to to video chat significantly.


How does WhatsApp work on desktop?

WhatsApp does not have a dedicated desktop app. However it can be used in (any) browser on both Mac and Windows PCs.

This is where you login to WhatsApp on your desktop computer: WhatsApp

Simply head over to the settings in the WhatsApp App on your phone and scan the QR code to login.


Does Livestream work on Facebook Messenger Rooms for desktop

Yes, it should work across all devices. Any live chat in a Messenger Room can be live streamed to Instagram or Facebook, too.

This makes Rooms the perfect, accessible tool for content creators.


Can I use Messenger Rooms at work?

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have some of the best end-to-end user/message encryption on the market, today. This makes the video conferencing tool a good alternative to Zoom – and other products on the market.

Furthermore, the accessibility of this particular video conferencing app, helps bring video calls to the office. A dedicated desktop app for Messenger and WhatsApp are important to bring Rooms to the masses, though.

Facebook Messenger Rooms do need to add office-like features, such as screen sharing.

Without the option to share your screen with peers, or present a presentation, the tool will not be suitable for office use. If Facebook were to add support, on all devices, this would be a game changer.


Use it to talk to peers at work

If you would like to talk to peers at work, and you are not planning on sharing your screen, Facebook Messenger Rooms will work just fine.

You can add new users by inviting them using a simple login link or add them to the conversation, from your dedicated app. It is simple and quick to do.

Whether you are on the move, or in the office, you can use Facebook Messenger Rooms to talk to your peers on any device you have at your disposal.


Is this the product Facebook needed?

Probably so. This might very well be the cross platform killer feature Facebook has been craving for so long. With over three billion monthly users on the ecosystem, Mark Zuckerberg‘s social media products still rule social-land.

  • The competition is miles away
  • Zoom is too limited in what it can do
  • Microsoft „owns“ the business world, but has lost the video chatting wars – Skype is not the go-to tool for individuals anymore
  • Slack is too niche and small
  • All of the above lack the cross platform integration Facebook has
  • Facebook has a range of products that tailors to different demographics, young and old

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