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  • In which industries do you see your strengths?

    For us, marketing tools and the organizational structure are priority. Our knowledge can be transferred across many industries, since Google, Facebook, Instagram, search engine optimization and marketplaces work very similarly in different industries.

    Our marketing skills can be used universally. However, we feel most comfortable in “direct to consumer” markets, in which we support business models that place an emphasis on the relationship with the end consumer and direct customer communication.

    To date, the GANDT team has gained the most experience and know-how in the retail, telecommunications, fashion retail and medical & beauty industries.

  • Will our company size influence our success?

    We don’t believe that company size is crucial to success. There just has to be a certain amount of investment opportunity and an openness to innovation.

    The scope of work naturally changes depending on the size of the company and team. However, it is common for small businesses to have larger digital sales teams than traditional large companies. Large companies work more often with (in-house) agencies and are therefore less agile when it comes to quickly responding to new market developments.

    For us, the success of a project does not differ according to the size of the company. Instead, success will depend on the team setup.

  • Do you work with startups?

    Yes absolutely. Many market innovations are driven by startups. Our team is firmly rooted in the Swiss and European startup scene. Almost everyone in the team has either founded their own online firm, or has previously worked for one or more startups.

    In the last few years we have primarily worked with scale-ups; somewhat larger startups that have completed a funding round and needed support to manage their growth. A few examples include Clark Insurance, VegDog – Katjes Green Foods, or DrSmile – Straumann.

  • How big are your project teams?

    The project sizes and possibilities differ from client to client. We prefer working in small teams consisting of the following profiles: strategist, marketing intelligence expert (data management, dashboards, tracking, customer insights) and channel experts who deal with implementation resources in digital marketing.

    For smaller projects, we split the available working time. However, we require a minimum investment of one Full-time equivalent (1 FTE) to be able to create a sufficient impact.

    Our project teams usually consist of 3-5 people. We can currently deploy up to 10 people on a project. If a larger team is required or several projects have to begin at simultaneously, we have a lead time of 2-4 months.

  • What countries do you operate in?

    Our clients operate both locally in Switzerland and Germany, as well as internationally.

    Since founding GANDT in 2015, we have also worked in the following countries beyond Switzerland: Germany (Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich), Austria (Salzburg), the United Kingdom (London), and the USA (New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco).

    Language skills are crucial when communicating in international markets. We speak German, English, Spanish, French, Polish and Dutch.

What our clients say.

Matthias Oswald - CEO and Founder
"GANDT Ventures helped us grow in a saturated market through digital channels. The team around Jacek Kozera convinces with cross-functional expertise and a focus on entrepreneurial scaling. We use this expertise not only in marketing, but also for coaching the company management."

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