Online Operations.
Professional support for digital matters.

Joint Implementation of Marketing Channels.

We know how to run marketing campaigns with relevant data sets whilst mastering digital sales challenges. We also ensure that our clients can easily learn and develop these skills through our online operations offering.

By working with us, companies are inspired to think outside the box and activate their employees' creativity.

The Digital Motor.

Online operations is synonymous with the team that keeps the digital engine running.

Our online operations service includes all resources required to effectively market digital products across various channels.

01. Paid Advertising & Social Media

We support our clients by coaching their employed marketing teams. We provide them with a competent sparring partner for paid advertising and social media topics.

Our expertise lies in Google Ads (SEA), organic search (SEO), social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat), display marketing (retargeting, programmatic), content creation and marketing, CRM strategy and automation.

02. Interim Management

For us, digital empowerment means ensuring that your team and organization can work independently. This often includes teaching the existing team important online marketing basics, to pave the way for growth in a project with additional expert resources.

Whether in business development, internationalization or project management - we support our clients with interim management.

03. Team Enablement & Coaching

Most teams already have a lot of know-how. That is why we want to involve your core employees in the online marketing process whilst we share our insights. We prefer to work hand in hand with your team, rather than solving problems on our own and only offering you the solution without any knowledge transfer.

Through specialist marketing channel training and workshops, we develop new creative solutions and lay a strong foundation for your company to build on in the future.

What clients say.

Matthias Oswald - CEO and Founder
"GANDT Ventures helped us grow in a saturated market through digital channels. The team around Jacek Kozera convinces with cross-functional expertise and a focus on entrepreneurial scaling. We use this expertise not only in marketing, but also for coaching the company management."
Patrick M. Graf - Chief Commercial Officer
"Digital Enablement through Co-Creation. Digital enablement of the organisation through sharing knowledge & know how. As a strategy and implementation partner, GANDT has helped us to achieve our ambitious goals faster and more efficiently. Be it as a strategic sparring partner for the management or as an enabler & coach for the operational teams and our subsidiary Tourneau."

Other Services.

Marketing Audits
Our Marketing Due Diligence analyzes internal data and external marketing measures to identify opportunities.
Digital Strategy Consulting
As a C-Level sparring partner, we evaluate digital investments and discover new strategic opportunities.

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