About Us.
Together we shape the digital future

A collective of experienced experts.

We started out as a small team of entrepreneurial online sales and marketing experts - and that is still who we are at heart today. We have been working at the pulse of the digital economy for over 15 years. Building startups and digital companies is part of our DNA.

Our way of consulting is personal, open and integrative. If you are looking for an honest viewpoint on the opportunities and challenges associated with running an online business, then we are the right strategic partner for your company.

We are proud of the way we work - with transparency and honesty. We like to Work Out Loud, which means not only presenting the end result to our clients but integrating them directly into the process. This way, they can continue to carry on their success without us.

Our Values.

We value diverse opinions and people. It's the only way to find the best and most innovative solutions.
We stand by our opinions and express concerns, even if that entails discovering that a project will not work as planned.
We are there for everyone, whether you are a junior marketing employee or a board member. We believe a job title is secondary.
We share our knowledge at every step of the way. Our way of working is shaped by the idea of Working Out Loud.
We are passionate about pursuing new ideas and solutions. We love to break new ground together with our clients.
We are always up to date with the latest developments, and know how to turn possibilities into opportunities.

Meet the Team.

Remco Livain GANDT CEO Founder

Remco Livain

Founder & CEO

Remco is an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He founded GANDT Ventures in 2015, and has been the company’s Managing Director since.

His career began in the data-driven online dating industry back in 2006. He was the first employee at C-Date, which was later sold to Parship. He then went on to build the global digital marketing presence for Westwing Home & Living (Rocket Internet) as Head of Global Online Marketing. Remco was also co-founder of MIFLORA, an online flower delivery company that was successfully sold to Blume2000 in 2017.

Remco is a strategic sparring partner and coach for both clients and his team at GANDT. He values ​​transparency, open communication and the exchange of knowledge. These personal values ​​are also deeply rooted in GANDT’s corporate culture.

Remco’s Focus Topics 

C-Level Sparring-Partner

Personal one-on-ones help shine a light on digital challenges. Sharing knowledge, thoughts, and concerns is key to any project’s success. Therefore, C-level sparring is part of Remco’s daily work.

Organizational Planning

Digitalization projects are not just about IT infrastructure. An organization’s people, their functions and company structure are just as crucial to consider. Solid project and organizational planning is what drives success.

Marketing Due Diligence

Marketing due diligence helps evaluate strategic issues, answering questions around make-or-buy decisions, and how effectively and efficiently your marketing organization works.

Jacek Kozera GANDT Ventures - Digital Strategy

Jacek Kozera


Jacek is a strategist, entrepreneur and partner of GANDT Ventures. He brings 15 years of experience in the digital industry.

He started his career at Google, where he helped clients scale their business models. His specialized digital marketing experience led him to investment management at a venture capital fund, which invested in consumer-oriented business models.

There he participated in several digital startups and scaled them to exit. After his investment experience, he helped Commerzbank master its positioning through digital transformation, and was responsible for several major strategic projects.

Jacek has been Partner at GANDT Ventures since 2016, and is responsible for the development and scaling of customer projects and internal processes.

Jacek’s Focus Topics 

C-Level Sparring-Partner

Personal one-on-ones help shine a light on digital challenges. Sharing knowledge, thoughts, and concerns is key to any project’s success. Therefore, C-level sparring is part of Jacek’s daily work.

Organizational Planning 

In addition to scaling marketing activities, digitilization projects also include preparing an organization for growth via a cross-functional approach. IT, sales and personnel must be considered just as much as the marketing strategy to guarantee a project’s success.

Marketing Due Diligence and Business Model Developement

With digital growth investments, the question of monetization of products always arises. Can the pursued strategy scale with the requirements and does the market or the initial situation bring further opportunities? Marketing due diligence helps answer these strategic questions.

Christopher (Chris) Smid GANDT Online Marketing Expert

Christopher Smid

Project Manager

Christopher is a digital-first entrepreneur, online marketing expert, and marketing intelligence professional. He has been solving digital tasks for almost 10 years. Four of these years have been with GANDT, where he executes and markets digital products in a variety of industries.

He supports companies in solving their long-term digital challenges and helps build sustainable concepts and structures.

Christopher was born in Hamburg, learned to walk in Silicon Valley and studied in Munich. He’s a tech, data and gaming nerd at heart.


Christopher’s Focus Topics

Customer Relationship Management

Developing and scaling CRM systems to maintain long-term relationships with existing customers.

Product Development

Planning and implementation of website relaunches to increase the effectiveness of online marketing measures.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Creating reports and dashboards to run digital marketing channels with a data-driven approach.

Greet Gleixner GANDT Online Marketing

Greet Gleixner

Project Manager

Greet’s strengths lie in content marketing, SEO and social media.

She was born in Germany and grew up in French-speaking Switzerland. She went to Canada for her studies and discovered more of the world. Through her former food blog and her time working for various start-ups, Greet discovered the many facets of social media and SEO.

She has been part of the GANDT team since the beginning of 2019.

Greet’s Focus Topics

Content Marketing

Creation and implementation of a content marketing strategy to help companies increase their SEO visibility and credibility in the market.

Product Development

Implementation of website relaunches in order to optimize them for various marketing measures, including SEO and content marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Greet helps companies improve their visibility in search results, with a strong focus on technical and on-page SEO.

Elisabeth (Elli) Schneider GANDT Online Marketing Expertin

Elisabeth Schneider

Project Manager

Elli is responsible for business model calculations (business case planning) in the team at GANDT, and is a sparring partner for partner management in performance marketing.

With the help of data visualization tools such as Tableau, she generates insights into digital cost distributions and efficiency. Elli illustrates our data-centric approach and reveals untapped potential for our customers.

She started her journey at GANDT in 2019. Before that, she worked in performance marketing for six years and was able to gain experience in the areas of partner management and agency coaching.

Elli’s Focus Topics

Business Case Planning

Assessment of investments or new projects and products under strategic, economic and data-centric aspects through cost-benefit and potential analyzes.

Partner Management

Development of new partnerships, as well as support and management of existing, strategically important partners considering the global marketing strategy.

Data Visualization

Creation and analysis of reports and dashboards for the visual presentation of data in order to recognize and use patterns, trends and correlations.

Dario Stock GANDT Online Marketing Expert

Dario Stock

Performance Marketing Manager

Since joining GANDT in 2018, Dario has developed as a data-driven “paid search and social” specialist.

He is a certified Google expert who, as a coach and sparring partner, helps companies sell targeted products via Google, Facebook and Instagram. In addition to paid marketing strategies, he also generates organic reach via SEO and social media.

Dario’s Focus Topics

Google Ads Marketing

Strategic planning and implementation of SEA, display, YouTube and shopping projects.

Social Media Marketing

Conception and implementation of organic and paid social media campaigns for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Project Management

Advice and support for website and online shop projects, including scaling digital marketing measures.

Jesus Blazquez GANDT Online Marketing Expert

Jesus Blazquez

Senior Digital Marketing Expert

Jesus, originally from Spain, came to GANDT in summer 2020. He specializes in search engine marketing, automation and internationalization.

In the past few years he worked in three different countries and in various marketing positions in agencies, start-ups and large multinational companies.

His great passions are snowboarding and paragliding. If he can’t be found in the office, then he is most likely out and about with his small family in the big Swiss mountains.

Sharon Livain GANDT Social Media Marketing

Sharon Livain

Social Media Manager

Sharon is responsible for social media topics at GANDT. She joined the team at the end of 2020.

After working in education for nine years, which included founding a homeschooling information platform, Sharon wanted to pursue her personal passion: social media networks. So, she decided to take a new career direction as Social Media Manager.

As a Glarus-native, Sharon loves nature, travel and sports – and of course TikTok!

Mona Altheimer GANDT Online Marketing Expertin

Mona Altheimer

Junior Project Manager

Mona brings a Bachelor’s Degree in Design, as well as several years of professional experience in the fashion and media industries. She describes herself as a diligent little tailor.

Her Masters in Online Business in Marketing shaped her focus: websites and online shops. Most recently, she was able to demonstrate her talent in setting up an online shop in Zurich.

Mona has been part of the GANDT team since 2020. She grew up in Eastern Switzerland and is a passionate foodie, who spends her free time either eating or natural wine.

Stephanie Gerfin GANDT Online Marketing

Stephanie Gerfin

Junior Marketeer

Stephie joined our Team in Zürich at the beginning of 2021. She studied Marketing and Business at the Fachhochschule Luzern, where she wrote her Bachelor thesis on Social Media Marketing in customer service for the Siemens Schweiz AG.

She supports our clients with their content marketing (SEO) and (organic) social media activities.

Bonny Kanjirathumoottil GANDT Ventures Expert

Bonny Kanjirathumoottil

Digital Marketing Expert

Bonny joined GANDT as a Digital Marketing Expert in November 2020. He was born and raised in Vienna and completed his studies in International Economics in Austria.

He then worked in a start-up before continuing on to his neighboring country, Germany. There he was able to expand his expertise in search engine advertising in both the fashion and telecommunications sectors.

Mike Staal GANDT Ventures Product UX Design IT

Mike Staal

Senior Product Consultant

Mike is a customer-first Product Professional, with 10 years experience in PR, Online Marketing, and Technology. Joined early 2021, he brings GANDT’s and our clients’ digital activities to the next level.

Originally from The Netherlands, abroad for the last nine years in four different countries, he held several Marketing positions in various industries. Mike is an expert in leading and changing companies, from scale-up to large multinational.

Tobias Lorentzen

Senior Project Manager

Tobias joined GANDT in February 2021 as a Senior Project Manager. He specializes in the areas of project management and performance marketing within an international environment.

He has more than 15 years of experience in online marketing. In the past, Tobias has carried out marketing audits as a consultant and developed frameworks for internationalization projects in various multinational companies.

Tim Koeck | XTRA.DEV

IT development

Tim has been working as an IT consultant through his company XTRA.DEV since GANDT Ventures was founded in 2015.

We have worked together on projects such as the internationalisation of True Religion Brand Jeans, the launch of the Stereo/MUC webstore, as well as numerous front-end product improvements on our client projects.

As a strong IT partner, the XTRA.DEV team is an asset to our GANDT Group.

Jens Umland | external

SEO Expert

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