We love working with journalists and the media to share stories!

Please contact us for press inquiries, collaboration ideas and speaker requests.

We love working together.

We love working with journalists and the media to share stories!

Please contact us for press inquiries, collaboration ideas and speaker requests.

Work With Us.

  • Are you open for interviews and other media collaborations?

    Yes! We love sharing our industry insights whilst helping journalists and the media share their stories. We’re open for interviews, podcasts, videos, research projects, and much more. Just drop us an email with your request. We look forward to connecting and helping out!

  • What kind of topics can you speak about?

    We can speak about anything related to business, digitalization and the internet of things.

    Topics could include:

    • The importance of digital for all areas of business (partners, resourcing, website, internal organizational structure, etc.).
    • How current societal situations (e.g. the pandemic or Brexit) affect businesses and their digital solutions.
    • Digital trends influencing business, omni channel, B2B or B2C eCommerce strategies.
  • Which industries do you operate in?

    For us, marketing tools and the organizational structure are priority. Our knowledge can be transferred across many industries, since Google, Facebook, Instagram, search engine optimization and marketplaces work very similarly in different industries.

    Our marketing skills can be used universally. However, we feel most comfortable in “direct to consumer” markets, in which we support business models that place an emphasis on the relationship with the end consumer and direct customer communication.

    To date, the GANDT team has gained the most experience and know-how in the retail, telecommunications, fashion retail and medical & beauty industries.

  • What countries do you operate in?

    Our clients operate both locally in Switzerland and Germany, as well as internationally.

    Since founding GANDT in 2015, we have also worked in the following countries beyond Switzerland: Germany (Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich), Austria (Salzburg), the United Kingdom (London), and the USA (New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco).

    Language skills are crucial when communicating in international markets. We speak German, English, Spanish, French, Polish and Dutch.

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