Marcela Ulloa - Senior Data Analyst

Marcela Ulloa

Senior Data Analyst

As Senior Data Analyst, Marcela Ulloa's goal is to help clients use the full potential of their data to make better decisions in their work.

Marcela Ulloa started her professional career as an architect and urban designer in Brazil, but her passion for planning and working with cross-functional teams led her to fall in love with finance and data science.

She specialized in Financial Planning and Analysis by UC Berkeley in California, US and in Data Science by Schaffhausen Institute of Technology Academy in Zürich.

Over the years she worked for multiple US companies, including Google, where she leveraged her data skills to help teams control, plan and forecast budgets and resources.


Marcela’s Focus Topics

  • Data Analysis and Visualization

Creation and analysis of reports and dashboards for the visual presentation of data in order to recognize and use patterns, trends and correlations.

  • Machine Learning

Use of Machine Learning techniques to create more efficient data-driven decisions.