New Customer Acquisition Strategy

How a comprehensive CRM and a marketing plan strengthened the online presence of LinthPraxen GmbH and thus promoted new customer acquisition.

LinthPraxen GmbH brings together various medical practices and a prevention center into one company. They have a network of different teams at various locations in the canton of Glarus. Among them are several dentists, doctors and therapists, all of whom have their own ideas and requirements for the company.
Linthpraxen | Relaunch Website
CRM Implementation
Omnichannel Strategy Development
Increase visibility
Coaching and enabling of the team

Initial Situation.

In close cooperation with LinthPraxen GmbH, a marketing audit was conducted to analyze the entire current situation of marketing with all internal as well as customer-oriented processes in order to identify potential for improvement.

Among other things, it became clear that an automation of the existing customer management but also of the customer acquisition should take place. In order to make this possible, a central CRM for the entire group was developed to be established.

Thus, a marketing plan was created with the LinthPraxen to strengthen the different areas of the medical group and to support customer acquisition.

LinthPraxen GmbH came to the GANDT team with the following questions:

  • How can we improve customer acquisition?
  • How can we increase the traffic of the website?
  • What should our online presence look like?

Project Plan.

  • 01
    Phase 1: Possibilities
    • Increasing visibility can be achieved by using the Internet as an additional showroom. By elaborating the USP in the online presence, Linthpraxen will be perceived as the pioneer in the Glarus region and can thus create an advantage over the competition. As a result, new customer acquisition is strengthened and a rejuvenation of the customer base is made possible.
    • Trust is created first and foremost by exuding competence. The most important basis for this is the relationship between the medical team and the patient. By offering added value, long-term customer loyalty can be created. For this, a personal approach to the customer and a presentation of the team must take place so that a basis of trust can be established.
    • An increase in usability brings advantages for the customers as well as the practices. It is an outsourcing of services to the Internet which can improve the manual admin processes and thus relieve the practice reception time. With the possibility to request an appointment online, not only the planning but also the generation of contact data is simplified.
    • The measurability of interaction is improved by tracking traffic to the website. One can improve performance using analysis of Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This should contribute to the conversion of website visitors to customers (lead-funnel).
  • 02
    Phase 2: Website Relaunch

    The website of LinthPraxen GmbH was completely revised and relaunched. The design, structure and content were all geared towards the main focus of SEO and online marketing, so that the company improves their ranking in search engines.

    • With the optimization to the locations, the playout of relevant, location-based information such as opening hours, phone numbers and core competencies is possible. The benefit of this is faster and easier customer navigation.
    • The communication of the treatment methods provide information for the customer and a quick overview to guarantee a smooth reading flow on the website. It is also a great advantage in terms of building the trust of the patient.
    • Listing the dentists with their team on the practice pages strengthens customer trust and personal connection. With a direct customer approach, the vision of the practice can be communicated. In addition, CV pages have been created for the doctors and therapists, where personal statements, education and certificates, awards and qualifications can be communicated.
    • The option of a blog gives the possibility of reports of further education and testimonials. This not only communicates competencies but also integrates evaluations and direct customer communication.
    • Adding an option for appointments optimizes customer guidance and serves as a lead generation funnel. Booking forms for the various practices were added for this purpose.
  • 03
    Phase 3: Implementation

    The implementation focused on two aspects: content marketing and SEO. The former is to provide customers with useful information, know how or entertainment. The latter is to optimize search engine rankings.

    • In most cases, the placement of the call-to-action button works wonders for the website. The “above the fold” placement immediately draws visitors’ attention to the CTA, which is always good for conversions.
    • Keyword analysis ensures that the terms that are important to users in relation to the company are known, so they can be included in the content creation. This way, the website is recognized as relevant by search engines as soon as a user searches for certain terms (SEO).
    • The meta descriptions of a website (html document) have a direct influence on the ranking in the search engines. The short texts describe the content of the page and thus improve the ranking in the search engines.
    • Blogs and FAQs can be perceived as such by the search engine and thus help to link directly to the website in case of questions or interest in important topics of the customers.
    • To push the visibility of the website, improvements can also be made in internal processes and direct customer contact. For example, the website can be added to invoices, flyers, and email signatures, or mentioned in client meetings at the practices.
  • 04
    Phase 4: Coaching

    With all the actions from above, the GANDT team can show the Linthpraxen team how to implement the marketing strategy and what they should pay attention to. Thus, at the end of the project, a handover can take place so that the client’s marketing team can continue with the newly established processes, strategies and measures on their own in the future.