Relaunch Website

How the relaunch of the LinthPraxen GmbH website created a solid basis for online marketing and thus contributed to the promotion of new customer acquisition.

LinthPraxen GmbH brings a network of different medical practices and a prevention center together into one company. They have different teams at various locations in Glarnerland, Switzerland. Among them are several dentists, doctors and therapists, all of whom have their own ideas and requirements for the company.
Linthpraxen | Relaunch Website
SEO Optimisation
UX Improvement
Online-Booking implementation

Initial Situation.

From the marketing audit it became clear that a more solid basis for the marketing plan had to be created. And therefore the overhaul of the website began. In addition, the location of the practices could be communicated more clearly and the content should be focused on potential customer problems.

With the help of a new website structure, the improvement of the content with a focus on SEO and a new fresh design, a modern well-rounded image of the Linthpraxen was created.

LinthPraxen GmbH came to the GANDT team with the following questions:

  • How can we be found better in search?
  • How can we increase bookings via the website?
  • How can we present a consistent image?
  • How can we reach customers better?

Project Plan.

  • 01
    Phase 1: Techstack Review

    In order to gain a better understanding of the structures, processes and technical tools, the GANDT team conducted a techstack review of LinthPraxen AG. The technical aspects of the internal processes, the way of customer communication via the different channels and also the structure of the website were looked at.

    This resulted in the project of the new website with the main focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience. After the initial discussions, it was determined that the “WIX” tool would continue to be used, as the client was already working with it. Thus, by means of deep dive, the GANDT team acquired the know-how to be able to build the new website with the chosen tool.

  • 02
    Phase 2: Development of the website structure

    With close collaboration with the client, a website structure was designed. With a limitation to the important topics and sensible merging of subcategories, the whole website became clearer. A logical structure for the user makes it easier for them to use and navigate. This was followed by the visual aspect of the website.

    According to the client’s wishes, the design should look fresh modern and inviting. Gradually, the colors, the fonts and the presentation of the content were discussed and determined. For the website, it was possible to access the client’s image database, which meant that the web design with its visual language matched the client’s corporate design.

  • 03
    Phase 3: Content Creation

    The last step was the development of a content sitemap. This ensured that the information about the locations, the services and the team of the Linth practices were all included on the website and linked to each other. In a variety of text formats, users can find more detailed information about the services of the various practices and the focus topics of the doctors and therapists. Through coaching sessions, the GANDT team provided the LinthPraxen team with ideas for the content with a focus on the SEO aspect.

  • 04
    Phase 4: Coaching

    After the relaunch of the website, the Gandt team acquired a lot of expertise in the “Wix” tool, which was then passed on to the Linthpraxen team in the form of a workshop. We attach great importance to empowering our customers and passing on our know-how. Thus we contribute to the fact that Team Enablement is a part of the project and that it can be handed over smoothly.