Bonita Kuruvilla

Bonita Kuruvilla

Junior Project Manager

Bonita Kuruvilla has a background in the optical industry and joined GANDT as a Digital Marketing starter.

Bonita Kuruvilla has completed her apprenticeship as an optician and worked as an optician for a short period. Upon completion she worked in a family startup and gained experience in UX of Software-products. At the same time she started her Marketing Management studies to dive into the world of marketing. Her goal is to manage a variety of digital marketing tools and to master them in the company. The GANDT starter program was recommended by her friend so she decided to join and is now one step closer to her goal.

She likes working analytically with numbers, but she is also innovative and uses her creativity.

In her free time, Bonita enjoys painting with acrylic paint and epoxy resin. She also enjoys spending her spare time in the kitchen and experimenting with different flavours. But what she enjoys the most is traveling and getting to know new cultures.