Calvin Dudek

Director Innovation & Technology

Calvin is a seasoned strategist, technologist, and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the digital industry.

Calvin is a seasoned strategist, technologist, and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the digital industry. In his role, he helps customers bridge the gap between technology and business success. He has a diverse background as a leader and innovator in commercial and technical roles at reputable companies such as Google, Telefonica o2, and the British Department of Work and Pensions. Calvin has gained expertise in various industries, including the public sector, telecommunications, internet industry, venture capital, and healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Through his varied experiences as a Chief Technology Officer, Product Manager, Data Scientist, Solution Architect, and Data Analyst, he has founded several successful startups. Today, he is well-connected within the European startup ecosystem.


Calvin’s Focus Areas

Innovation & Product Development

Digital innovation can help companies adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs. Without it, companies often fall behind their competitors and risk losing market share. Utilizing technology to develop new products, services, or business models requires a wide range of activities and skills from various areas, such as design thinking, software development, market research, finance, and business. As an experienced entrepreneur and product developer, Calvin has gone through this process multiple times, from idea generation to customer interviews and assessing the market potential, from prototype to a marketable solution, from a go-to-market strategy to a profitable product with a scalable product and marketing organization.


Strategy and Operations

Successful strategies are based on a deep understanding of current trends and the state of the industry and company. Calvin and his team support our clients in developing and implementing data-driven strategies, from defining objectives and key results to implementing cross-functional initiatives. They help identify opportunities, optimize operational processes, and make important decisions about performance and growth on a solid data foundation.


Technology and Data

Technology plays a critical role in the success of companies as it increases efficiency, promotes revenue growth, and can provide a competitive advantage. However, many companies need help to fully leverage their technology teams due to issues such as a lack of agile methods, treating the technology team as a cost centre, outdated processes, lack of customer understanding, siloed teams, or limited understanding of technology. As a computer science and business graduate and distributed systems engineer with extensive experience as a CTO and founder, Calvin has helped numerous clients overcome these challenges and achieve their technology and data-related goals.