Shanthini Rajkumar

Shanthini Rajkumar

Product / Project Manager

Shanthini Rajkumar is a Product/Project Manager focused on improving User Journeys and driving outcome-oriented projects.

Shanthini is an experienced digital marketing professional with over seven years of experience in the industry. She has worked in various marketing positions for Swiss and internationally operating companies. During her last position as part of the digital performance marketing team at Scout24, she began her transition into product management by attending the Product Academy and taking on a product marketing role for AutoScout24.

She has a strong focus on improving user experience and enabling agile collaboration within cross-functional teams. With a deep understanding of digital marketing strategies and a passion for creating seamless user experiences, Shanthini joined GANDT in 2022 to bring her combined knowledge of both areas to our projects.

As a dedicated foodie from Bern she is happy to finally tick off her long Zurich Restaurant list on office days.


Focus Topics

  • Product Management and User Experience
  • Websites and E-Commerce
  • SEO
  • Content Management