Remco Livain

Founder & CEO

Remco is an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He founded GANDT Ventures in 2015, and has been the company's Managing Director since.

His career began in the data-driven online dating industry back in 2006. He was the first employee at C-Date, which was later sold to Parship.

He then went on to build the global digital marketing presence for Westwing Home & Living as Online Marketing Director for the Rocket Internet Group. Remco was also co-founder of MIFLORA, an online flower supplier that was successfully sold to Blume2000 in 2017.

Remco is a strategic sparring partner and coach for both clients and his team at GANDT. He values ​​transparency, open communication and the exchange of knowledge. These personal values ​​are also deeply rooted in GANDT’s corporate culture.

Remco’s Focus Topics 

C-Level Sparring-Partner

Personal one-on-ones help shine a light on digital challenges. Sharing knowledge, thoughts, and concerns is key to any project’s success. Therefore, C-level sparring is part of Remco’s daily work.

Organizational Planning

Digitalization projects are not just about IT infrastructure. An organization’s people, their functions and company structure are just as crucial to consider. Solid project and organizational planning is what drives success.

Marketing Due Diligence

Marketing due diligence helps evaluate strategic issues, answering questions around make-or-buy decisions, and how effectively and efficiently your marketing organization works.

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