iWay Achieves Record-Breaking Results in 2022

Post by Jacek Kozera

iWay breaks through the 40 million Swiss francs barrier with 10% revenue growth

We are pleased to congratulate our long-term client and partner, iWay, on their latest achievement of breaking the 40 million Swiss franc revenue barrier, with a 10.1% growth rate in the fiscal year 2022.

We have had the privilege of collaborating with iWay over the years as their digital strategy consultancy and this achievement is a reflection of the strategic vision, operational excellence and the growth mindset of their team.

Our own experience has been that of collaborating with an innovative and driven team, that are open to testing the new strategies we’ve proposed whilst co-creatively tackling challenges and exploring digital solutions with us.


Caption: iWay Founder and former-CEO Matthias Oswald, CMO Francesco Caiafa and GANDT co-founder Jacek Kozera (Source: GANDT Ventures GmbH).


iWay’s ability to outperform in a highly competitive market is a testament to their adoption of digital innovation and an agile approach to business. With continued investments in direct-to-consumer services, iWay has witnessed a 22% growth in net income, and a 6.5% growth in their core business of internet services (which accounts for 59% of their total revenue). A particularly impressive result to achieve within a market that has largely seen stagnation across Switzerland.

The successful synergy between iWay and SAK Digital, the telecommunications arm of their parent company, has enabled them to leverage their joint resources to win new customers and expand their services with a digital-first approach. You can find out more about this project in the video below.

iWay’s success is a case study of direct-to-consumer services done right, where digitalization and growth go hand in hand. We look forward to continuing our partnership with iWay as they navigate the opportunities and challenges of the ever-changing digital landscape.

At GANDT Ventures, we understand that the path to success in the digital age requires a continuous effort to optimize and improve. As we look to the future, we are excited to continue supporting our clients like iWay in their digital transformation journey and helping our clients stay ahead of the competition.

Learn more about our partnership with iWay here.