W&V Podcast with GANDT CEO Remco Livain

Post by Megan Flottorp

Last month, our CEO Remco Livain was featured on the W&V Podcast with author and podcaster Dominik Hoffmann. Sharing his insight into what it means to be a digital enabler for companies, Remco discussed how he got his start in marketing and his transition towards leading a company and developing a professional brand. Further, the pair got into various topics ranging from how our team helps companies generate more sales with digital strategies to what the future holds for GANDT.


The role of podcasting and taking an active leadership role

A big part of our philosophy at GANDT has to do with sharing knowledge and promoting open communication surrounding our key goals and values. Honest conversations about the way we work and why helps to solidify these ideas and put them into action. As Remco shared in a blog post earlier this year,

“I now understand that the road to success is long, and the better we are at nurturing our culture, the better we will feel and be positioned to grow from within our core values. This applies to all of our company-client relationships as well. Everyone needs to be on the same page, and we have active discussions surrounding the type of companies and people we would like to work with and why. We have built a culture based on values representing who we are and want to be.”

Of course, an important element of building these communication channels is done by representing our company publicly and having engaged discussions with others in the industry. Podcasts provide an engaging platform for those in leadership roles to demonstrate their expertise, build their brand’s image, and grow organic relationships with other thought leaders.


Exploring topics through organic conversation

Remco and Dominik covered a lot of ground—including what digital enablement means for us at GANDT, what an organization needs to be able to address digitization issues, and some innovative tactics to employ when setting up investments in digital projects.

They also discussed broader social topics, such as the cultural differences between Germany and Switzerland and how they translate into business opportunities. Ways of working, operational excellence, and the strategies for stable growth were also topics covered.

Representing the Gandt team’s entrepreneurial perspective as a digital enabler, companion, sparring partner, Remco also acknowledges the challenges of summarising complex processes and working philosophies on the spot. “I think it well pretty well for my first time,” he explains, “but I also learned some lessons that will be helpful next time. There is definitely a lot to be gained from these interactions, and I look forward to being able to have more detailed and nuanced public conversations in the future.”

You can listen to the full episode (in German) here.

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